3 Easy Steps On How To Make Money Online

2020 is the year of corona virus. A lot of people have to stay at home in order to not to be affected by corona virus. For someone who are lucky enough, they can retain their job. However, for the unfortunate ones, they are laid off due to the influence of economic downturn.  Due to the current circumstances, I realize that I should not depend on only one income from my daily job. I should also make money from other streams to secure my daily life. Making money online is one of the streams that I recommended because there are only 3 easy steps on how to make money online.

Affiliate Marketing Is The Easiest Way To Make Money Online

After I realized that I can make money online, I took a lot of training programs such as Wealthy Affiliate to lean how to make money online. The easiest and most effective way to make money online is actually by affiliate marketing. Actually, the main idea of affiliate marketing is to earn commission if you can successfully promote other people’s products or services. As you can see the picture below, there are just 3 easy steps to make money online.

  1. Select Your Niche
  2. Build Your Website
  3. Promote Products / Services

1. Select Your Niche

The first step of affiliate marketing is to choose your niche. There are thousands of niches you can choose in the world. You can choose your niche according to your interest, habit, experience and knowledge etc. For example, you can choose fitness as your niche, you can choose investment as your niche, and also you can even choose how to make money online as your niche. When you consider your niche, it is better to narrow down to a very specific topic as your niche. For instance, if your interest is fitness, you can narrow down to bodybuilding as your niche, cardio training as your niche or yoga training as your niche. Another example is making money online niche. You can narrow down to affiliate marketing as your niche, email marketing as your niche or social media marketing as your niche. In the nutshell, at the beginning of your affiliate marketing business, the narrower your niche is, the less competitive you will face.

2. Build Your Website

After choosing your specific niche, you can start to build your website. I hope you won’t be scared to build a website. Actually, you don’t need to be a techie, you don’t need to know any programming codes and you even don’t need to have any technology background. Actually, it is very easy to build your website nowadays. There are so many training programs that teach you how to build your website including register your domain, host your website and use content management system. Personally, I tried Wealthy Affiliate to build my websites, including this one. In the Wealthy Affiliate platform, all necessary elements that you need to build a website are provided. You can register a domain, host your website and create your content on Wealthy Affiliate platform. In my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate is a very convenient platform to build your website. The only thing your need to do is to go through all the training courses that Wealthy Affiliate provided and write valuable articles to your targeted audience.

In the nutshell, your website is the bridge between your targeted audience in a specific niche and the products/services that you want to promote. For example, if your niche is bodybuilding and your want to promote pre-workout products, you should write a lot of articles, blog posts or product reviews to your website visitors in order to lure them to purchase pre-workout products through your links.

3. Promote Products / Services

Lastly, the finally step is to promote products / services on your website and be ready to make money. Actually, affiliate marketing is a very common strategy for companies to promote their products. For example, Amazon, Walmart, Nike, eBay, Wealthy Affiliate……etc. They provide affiliate programs to you in order to boost their businesses. And you, as their virtual promoter, can earn commission from them. Their commission rates vary from 1% to 75% of every sale. And your work is to provide valuable information to your website visitors and insert links into your website. When your website visitors click the affiliate links on your website and purchase certain products from the vendors, you will earn commission.

Let me give you some successful stories. The first one is Brian Lam, the founder of The Wirecutter which is a review affiliate website for electronics, gadgets and consumer goods. It’s business model is very simple which is to earn affiliate commissions by promoting products from Amazon and BestBuy. And this website was recently acquired for about US$20 million dollars. Another example is Jerry Huang, one of the affiliates to promote Wealthy Affiliate. He made 4-figure monthly passive income within 3 years from his Smart Affiliate Success website.

It’s Time To Take Action

If you are already laid off and really need to make some money, or you want to make extra money and even want to quit your daily job someday, please take action and start your affiliate marketing business right now. There are only three main steps to begin your affiliate marketing journey. You don’t need to be a techie, you don’t need to worry about inventory, you don’t need to worry about logistics, you don’t need to worry about customer services and you even don’t need any money to establish your online businesses. You just need to take action and learn from a well-known training program to understand the entire procedures.

There are so many affiliate marketing training programs in the market, I tried some of them and finally found that are a waste of money. Until I discovered and joined Wealthy Affiliate, it is the best training program that I ever seen. Of course, you can choose your desirable training program but I strongly recommend Wealthy Affiliate. You can take a look of my review about Wealthy Affiliate. Anyway, whatever training program you join, it is a good start to take action and set up your affiliate marketing campaign.

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