Digital Worth Academy Review: Learn How To Create A Website To Make Money!

If you want to make money by affiliate marketing, you have to learn how to create a website to make money. Making money through affiliate programs has been on the rise lately. These programs allow you to advertise products for merchants and in turn, get paid when someone buys through your link.

But how do you go about it? The answer is simple. All you need is a good platform that gives you full knowledge of affiliate marketing and also helps you to create a website and market your first affiliate product.

Interestingly, I would be reviewing one of those platforms today which is called Digital Worth Academy.

What Is Digital Worth Academy?

How To Create A Website To Make MoneyDigital Worth Academy is a platform that is responsible for coaching and training you to build profitable authority sites. They also make available software needed for building your desired authority website.

Major Steps Digita Worth Academy Focuses On:

  • How to find the best corners that are less competitive inside eight major niches.
  • The steps required in building a small website that will eventually become a platform that makes a huge amount of money.
  • Several ways to use effective Search Engine Optimization systems and white hats to build traffic over a long period.

The major purpose of all Digital Worth Academy students is to build websites that have a high conversion rate for affiliate products. And in the long run, selling out the site for profit.

Founders Of Digital Worth Academy

How To Create A Website To Make MoneyDigital Worth Academy is founded by Sara Young and Andrew Hansen. They are internet marketers having at least two decades of experience.

Andrew majors in SEO’s focused on organic traffic and affiliate marketing. In the same light, Sara organizes sessions that teach internet marketing and earning in a couple of hours.

As portrayed on the Digital Worth Academy website, Digital Worth Academy is the complete software tool and online course the founders use to build their authority websites without stress.

Digital Worth Academy shares the methodology used by Sara and Andrew through series of videos. Custom software tools that make building your authority site easier are also included.

Product Details Of Digital Worth Academy

The primary aim of Digital Worth Academy is to build authority websites that produce income steadily. They did this by combining Sara and Andrews’ unique software tools and processes.

The software suite and online course provided by Digital Worth Academy comprises four major components which are the training course and three software tools that are custom-built.

The software and training work hand in hand to reduce the time spent in research and all the tedious processes involved in building a successful authority website.

Below are details of everything present in the Digital Worth Academy.

Digital Worth Academy

Digital Asset Blueprint

The online training course is also known as the Digital Asset Blueprint. It comprises six sections, a hundred and fifty instructional videos, and thirty modules. This series of videos will provide optimum guidance through the processes of creating an authority website that makes money.

Personal techniques and the precise methods used by the founders to develop their sites will be taught. This same method is what they have used over time to make lots of money from over a hundred websites they built.

The Digital Asset Blueprint is outlined in four steps that lead to success. They are detailed below.

  • Step One: Picking Products And Markets To Sell

This is training on how to make the best choice of the right products to sell and a profitable niche.

There’s a list of eight specific market niches with the highest potential of earning money. You’re to choose from any of these eight niches. You’ll also be taught how to locate an existing interest. This interest will help you in establishing your niche and making money.

  • Step Two: Using WordPress To Create Your Authority Website

Digital Worth AcademyThe Digital Asset Blueprint step two will teach you how to build professional and eye-catching websites.

You’ll also be thought how to select the best WordPress themes, the right plugins to install on the web page, how to put in place the best tracking to keep an eye on your traffic, how sales are made, and how to implement the best on-site optimization.

The process of creating an affiliate website has been made very easy, courtesy of WordPress. They are the go-to platform for affiliate marketers now. This is because it is very way to use.

  • Step Three: Creating Great Money Making Content

The Blueprint teaches how to come up with engaging and exciting content for your website. This content will bring about a high conversion rate for your website.

The importance of having the best layout for your content will also be taught. This layout includes the right place to paste your affiliate links and the right images and text that brings about more clicks.

Mapping out a good content plan will also be taught. This will help you publish great content always. Well if you’re not confident of your skills when it comes to writing, there’s no need to panic.

This step also provides trusted ways to find content writers that will create quality content for you.

  • Step Four: Getting Traffic And Rankings From Google

Digital Worth AcademyThe entire Digital Worth Academy is established on the principle of organic traffic, white hat strategy, and tactics.

In this section, you’ll be taught the best ways and processes to get your content ranked on Google and generate huge traffic to your authority site. Even without high ranking, you’ll be taught how to get clicks.

Ways on how to optimize your website’s internal linking structure and how to create backlinks from several other websites will be taught.

In this light, Digital Worth Academy is one the best platforms that provides you with good knowledge and steps to earn your first dollar and as an affiliate marketer.

Digital Worth Academy’s Uniqueness

The academy will buy your website if no money is made. After going through the classes and creating your website following all the steps and yet no is made, the academy will prompt you to provide proof that you followed all the steps as stated. If you can do that, they will arrange with you privately to buy your website.

This is what makes Digital Worth Academy unique compared to other platforms with the same services.

How Do I Learn To Make Money Online?

Wealthy AffiliateActually, I join another comprehensive training program that teaches me how to build my affiliate marketing business and authority sites.

I’m a Premium member of this well-known affiliate marketing training program called Wealthy Affiliate. This program will teach you how to start your affiliate marketing business step by step and make money online.

There are lots of successful affiliates who are making a tremendous amount of money on Wealthy Affiliate. If you would like to get more details about Wealthy Affiliate, you could click the links below to take a look at my honest review of this program.

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If you have any comments about Digital Worth Academy or Wealthy Affiliate, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you and I’ll reply to you as soon as possible.


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