Elite Affiliate Pro: Is It Worth The Money?

If you are here, it means you are curious about Elite affiliate Pro. It could be you are interested in affiliate marketing, or you have seen a couple of Igor’s videos on Youtube. Or you stumbled on the name, Elite Affiliate Pro and you are wondering what it is.

Well, you are reading the right article. I am an expert at affiliate marketing and I rarely let any news on it pass me.

In the article, I have put together my thoughts and opinions on Elite Affiliate Pro. I have studied what it is about, checked who the owner is and his background.

I have made a list of reasons why you should consider investing and why you shouldn’t. It is a wonderful thing you are going beyond the surface to check beneath to see if this platform will offer value for the amount it is requesting.

What Is Elite Affiliate Pro?

Elite Affiliate ProElite Affiliate Pro is an affiliate marketing training program and is owned by Igor Kheifets. The program which teaches you how to be an affiliate marketer is made up of six modules which include; topics on identifying your audience, how to get an affiliate checklist, conversion templates, how to get high converting offers, how to create a page that doubles conversion etc.

The course content seems rich and easy to follow but I have some reservations about it.

If I am to be sincere, that amount for a course such as this is high. This is not me bashing Elite Affiliate Pro, not at all. There are other programs out there that also teaching on affiliate marketing and none charge as much as this.

Some even offer more value than what Elite Pro is offering. Maybe if the selling price was fairer, I’d even take up the course and encourage others to do the same.

Is It Worth Your Investment?

If you are a regular in the affiliate industry, what you’ll find in Elite Affiliate Pro is not different from the usual programs you might have come across.

If you are a beginner, I am not really sure this is the kind of course you should invest your cash in. I am also concerned about Igor’s claim of making over $21,000 within 24 hours.

In my opinion, I don’t think anyone should put their money there. There are other courses you can get far more for less. Igor himself started out with Clickbank affiliate and he moved on to promoting things like Clickfunnel before he created this course. He has another course apart from Elite Affiliate Pro: List Building Lifestyle Club.

Pros and Cons

Here is a list of some pros and cons of buying this program. I hope this list will help you come to a final decision about making that purchase.


Based On Affiliate Marketing: Elite Affiliate Pro is based on affiliate marketing and as you know, this is a legitimate means of making money. Affiliate marketing is a way for a person who doesn’t have a product to make money by promoting other people’s products. For every sale, you get a commission. Elite Affiliate Pro teaches ways you can make money through this means.

Paid Ads: Elite Affiliate uses paid ads to drive traffic and this is a great way of getting people to a site. Paid ads are quick and easy in generating traffic.


Traditional Teaching: The teaching method is not different from what has been laid down before. One would imagine that based on the promise of “free secrets”, there will be some groundbreaking discovery in the world of affiliate marketing. But what is contained in Elite Affiliate Pro is the usual teachings we have always known. There is nothing particularly new or different. If Igor is teaching the exact things we know, why is he asking for so much?

Expensive: After watching his free workshop on Youtube, Igor encourages you to purchase this course so you can get access to other secrets and this course is sold for $997. The thing about affiliate marketing is that knowledge can easily be accessed. There are several means through which one, especially a beginner, can learn about affiliate marketing without paying so much. There are blog posts, Youtube videos, tutorials and forums dedicated to this subject.

The price for Elite Affiliate Pro is quite expensive and please note that this is my opinion, other marketers might also have different opinions.

Advanced Outline: Another problem I have with the course is that it doesn’t cater to the needs of a beginner. If you are just starting with affiliate marketing, Elite Affiliate Pro is not the course you should be looking at purchasing. I also do not think it wise to invest nearly a thousand dollars if you are just starting. And, the basics are not contained in this course.

Restricted To Certain Methods: Other than affiliate promotion and list building, there are other ways to make it in affiliate marketing. Though Elite Affiliate Pro focuses on just those two methods, there are other means like blogging, affiliate offers, organic SEO etc. The modules contained are too restricted, just six of them. Whereas you can get other affiliate training programs that offer much more for less than that price.

Refund Policy

For you to get a refund, you must show that you completed the affiliate checklist and it truly didn’t work for you. It is only then you can get a refund.

The terms are very straightforward. If you have no results to show after you have completed the course, you get your refund. But if you start earning, it is not possible to get one. This is valid for 30 days.

Final Thoughts

Though it is up to you to make the final decision, I am glad you’ve sorted out other opinions to help you make the right decision.

Affiliate marketing is a lucrative venture and while it will take some people longer to start making profits, it may be easier for others.

Elite Affiliate Pro is a promising program, the founder, Igor, is also someone with over a decade of experience in the industry so I believe he knows what he is doing.

But claiming to give “affiliate secrets” in exchange for $997 is not the way to go, in my opinion.

Affiliate Marketing is fairly easy to learn. With enough dedication and patience, you will be on your way to breaking the market without paying such an exorbitant amount. There are other courses like Wealthy Affiliate you could check. These courses contain more modules, videos and are sold for far less the amount Igor sells Elite Affiliate Pro.

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