How To Do Keyword Research For Beginners

How To Do Keyword Research For Beginners? This Tool Helps Me To Rank Top One!

Keyword research is a very important element for a successful affiliate marketing blogger. No blogger in the world can increase the worth of his blog without proper keywords research. But how to do keyword research for beginners? What tools are suitable for beginners to do their keyword research?

Understanding people’s demands and needs are the primary concern of a blogger. The worth of a blog can be increased if its contents are written according to people’s needs. Most people search for good content by typing their keywords on a search engine. Therefore, a blog will get people’s attention if it is written with proper keywords research.

In a nutshell, proper keyword research can boost your ranking on search engines resulted in increasing the amount of traffic on your blog.

Before going into detail of keywords research, you must know:

What are Keywords and Why are Keywords so Important?

KeywordsKeywords are regularly searched ideas or phrases that provide information about your content. In terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), they are mostly used by the audience to search for something on search engines.

For a blogger, the keywords act as a bridge to connect people with his website. They are the source of success for a blogger. The keywords are the most important part of any website as it helps you increase your traffic on the website.

The blogger’s ultimate goal is to drive people’s attention to his website. Without proper keywords, the blogger will fail to achieve his goal.

The keywords describe your idea to people that show interest in reading your content. To create better content that will derive people to your website, you must understand what type of content people want. It can be done using your keywords research that will clear you what people need from you.

What is Keyword Research? An Important Step For Content Marketing

Keyword Research is the first step before creating content on a website. It is a process used to find what people mostly search on the search engine.

It helps you understand which content people mainly focus on, and you can put these contents on your website to increase your audience.

Moreover, keyword research is important for affiliate marketing. It is because an affiliate marketer usually has a blog. To get more traffic to their blog, they will write each blog post that targeted to a specific keyword. Therefore, finding a good keyword is the first step of an affiliate marketer.

How to Know What People Want?

Focusing on your audience is the key to increase your blog’s worth. The only way to increase your visitors on your website is to provide them with the content they need. It can only be done by understanding what they want.

For example, if you write a keyword “Computer Glasses” in Google, you will see that Google will suggest several different keywords right at the bottom of the search box. These are keywords that are mostly used by people.

Keyword Research Example

Google platform is one of the best platforms for keywords searching as a lot of people use Google for searching purposes.

However, you can find other alternatives like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Forums, Q&A platforms, etc. They will guide you with what people mostly search for.

How Can You Increase Your Site Rank Through Keyword Research?

Top ranking is the key to a successful online business. The first page that comes in Google search receives around 95% of the traffic. It is because people do not waste time searching for other pages. They will visit those sites which come first on google search.

To be in the top ranking of Google search is every blogger’s dreams. If you want your blog to be in the top rank of Google search, you have to increase your proper keywords selection.

Keyword Research Example

For a good blog, selecting proper keywords requires extensive research before putting content on the blog. There are many tools available online that will optimize your SEO by giving you different keywords suggestion. The selection of the right tool will boost your ranking. You can easily select the most used keywords in your blog to increase your visitors.

Moreover, focusing on long-tail keywords is your ultimate goal to achieve a higher ranking on google. Research says that about 70% of Google search is done through long-tail keywords. It is because the long-tail keywords also include short-tail keywords that optimize your blog by capturing more visitors.

Long-tail Keywords

People will search those articles that are most relevant to them.

For example, if you have a blog about mobile phones, you have to be specific on mobile phones, whether they are Samsung mobiles or Apple iPhone. The more you make your keywords long, the more visitors you will attract because the audience will search keywords according to their needs. If they want information about Samsung mobile phones, there is a good chance that your blog will get people’s attention quickly as compared to short-tail keywords.

It is to be noted that it’s not hard and fast rule that you should use only long-tail keywords. The long-tail keywords are beneficial for bloggers who are new to SEO blogging.

Sometimes, the presence of a short-tail keyword in long-tail keywords increases your rank. Therefore, you must include those long-tail keywords, which includes important short-tail keywords as well. It will likely increase your blog’s worth.

Free Tools that Determines the Value of Your Keywords

Knowing the keyword’s value is crucial for a blogger because it decides whether your blog gets a higher rank. It’s impossible to judge by itself unless there is a tool that will help you judge the value of your keywords.

There are many tools available online that can easily judge whether or not Google will value your keywords at a higher rank, but here I only discuss only four that provide you with some of the best keywords tools that will ease your work.

It is a tool under the Google Ads platform that can become a helping friend for the beginner who is planning to write his blog. It is easy to use and provides you with valuable information about your keywords by giving you average monthly search information of your related keywords. It makes you decide which keyword will value your blog in Google rank.

Google Keyword Planner

As you can see from the screenshot above, I type the seed keyword “Computer Glasses” into the Google Keyword Planner. It immediately shows me all the information such as the average monthly searches and the competition level of this seed keyword and other related keywords.

In this example, although the average monthly search of the keyword “Computer Glasses” is between 10k and 100k which is very high, the competition level is too high to rank high. Therefore, I will not choose this keyword for writing articles. I have to choose a keyword with high average monthly searches and low competition.


Are you tired of Google Keyword Planner? Do you think that Google Keyword Planner provides you with limited keywords information?

If your answer is yes, then Ubersuggest is the right choice for you that provides you with keywords that are not available on Google Keyword Planner.

Its organized search feature makes your selection lot easier and makes your blog worthy through different long-tail keywords.

UberSuggest Example

I type in “Computer Glasses” in the Ubersuggest and use the “Filters” function to display keywords with SD below 40. SD stands for SEO Difficulty. According to Neil Patel who is a famous SEO expert, it is better to choose a long-tail keyword with SD below 40 and high volume. It is because these keywords are much easier to rank in a higher position. Long story short, Neil Patel is an SEO expert and have a lot of experience in keyword research. You could click here to take a look at Neil Patel’s YouTube video about choosing a good keyword by using Ubersuggest.


This keyword explorer helps you explore different keywords and know their importance to boost your blog rank. Similar to the above keyword tools, it provides similar types of information of keywords.

Moz Keyword Explorer

First of all, I’ll take a look at the “Difficulty”. The score is between 0 and 100. The lower score, the easier to rank high. Secondly, I’ll take a look at the “Monthly Volume” to ensure there are enough searches per month of a particular keyword. Finally, I’ll look at the “Priority” which its score is also between 0 and 100. This score combines all of the other metrics. The higher score, the easier to rank high.

In this “Computer Glasses” example, the “Priority” score is 75. Well, it is not too bad but I’ll try to find a better keyword, maybe the score is above 80.


  • Jaaxy, My Favorite Keyword Research Tool That Helps Me Rank Top 1

Jaaxy is my favorite keyword research tool. As a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, I always use Jaaxy to do my keyword research. With the keyword research training provided by Wealthy Affiliate, I learned how to use Jaaxy to do keyword research properly so that I could easily find a list of long-tail keywords with high traffic and low competition.

Jaaxy Example

In a nutshell, I will focus on 3 criteria for my keyword research.

  • Quoted Search Result (QSR) is below 100
  • Average Number of Searches Per Month (AVG) is over 30
  • The long-tail keyword makes sense and is grammatically correct

If a keyword could fulfill my 3 criteria, I will put it in my keyword list and write an article targeted to this keyword. To help you understand the entire process of my keyword research, I’ve embedded a walk-through video below. You will understand how to use Jaaxy to do keyword research after watching this video.

WA Affiliate Bootcamp – Understanding The Process of Keyword Research

On the other hand, if you want to get more details about Jaaxy, please click here to see my review of Jaaxy. You can even try to use Jaxxy for free immediately in this review article.

Conclusion – Do Keyword Research Properly and Write Your Article

With the ongoing demand for content marketing, every blogger must have unique content blogs. The dream of getting a higher rank on Google and other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo is only fulfilled if you do proper keyword research.

The focus should be achieving a higher rank through the selection of the right keywords. According to people’s demands, selecting the right keywords will increase your blog worth as they are the only source of your success.

Try to use different keyword research tools and figure out which one is the best fit for you. Mine is Jaaxy and you can use others, it doesn’t matter. The main point is to find a long-tail keyword with high traffic and low competition. Then, you can go ahead and write an article that is targeted at this long-tail keyword.

I Got My Keyword Research Training and Rank Top 1 on Bing and Yahoo

As you can see from the picture below, one of my keywords ranks top 1 on Bing and Yahoo. How can I do that? I have to say thank you to my favorite training platform where I learned a great deal of knowledge about keyword research. There are comprehensive affiliate marketing training on this platform and keyword research is one of the topics in this training.

Jaaxy Yahoo Ranking
Rank Top 1 on Yahoo


Jaaxy Bing Rankgin
Ranking Top 1 on Bing


This training platform is called Wealthy Affiliate and I’m one of the top 200 members on this platform.

I learned the correct technique of keyword research by using Jaaxy. I could find a lot of long-tail keywords that I can use for my blog posts. Although the above keyword still cannot be ranked on the first page of Google, the ranking will be improved over time while more and more high-quality blog posts are published on my website.

If you want to get more details about the proper training of keyword research, you could click here to take a look at my review of Wealthy Affiliate where I got the keyword research training. You could also click here to join Jaaxy and find your first keyword for free.

If you have any comments about how to do keyword research for beginners or Wealthy Affiliate, please don’t hesitate to leave your comment below. I’d love to hear from you and I’ll reply to you as soon as possible.


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