How To Use Pinterest To Promote Your Blog?

PinterestAre you seriously interested in promoting your blog and looking for some workable ideas? If your answer is yes, then luckily, you are in the right place! Social media is a very effective way of promotion nowadays and you have to try to use Pinterest to promote your blog. Pinterest is gaining more popularity every day. It has become a useful tool for marketers to drive traffic back to their websites and a necessity for successful marketing. For those who have just started a new blog, their biggest concern is to drive more audience to like their blog. The best solution for them is to use Pinterest. You must be wondering how to use Pinterest to promote your blog. Here are the following guidelines which you have to follow to promote your blog.

First of all, let’s take a look at a 37-minute video with all the details about signing up a Pinterest Business account, creating boards, creating pins, designing images, and validating your blog, etc.

1. Sign Up For a Free Pinterest BUSINESS Account

To create an impact on Pinterest, you first need to set up a free business account. Fill in your credentials and click on “Create An Account”. Next, claim your website as directed by Pinterest. It is how you get full access to the perks of your business account.

Pinterest Analytics access will show you your pins’ behavior and the frequency of people visiting your website.

Using Rich Pins on Pinterest can be useful to promote blog posts. Five kinds of Rich Pins are available: Movie, Article, Product, App, and Recipe. Since you are a blogger, you should apply for the article Rich Pins. Article pins help bloggers promote their blog posts with their logo, headline, and link to their website.

2. Add Keywords To Your Business Name

To promote your blog on Pinterest, add keywords to your business name so that anyone who looks up with those keywords can find you easily. The more convenient it is to see you, the more followers you will attract to drive traffic on your blog.

3. Try Creating At Least 10 Blog Boards

You need to set up multiple boards that convey what your blog is about. It will improve visibility to the audience. For example, if your blog
is about traveling then you can develop these boards:

  • Travel Inspiration
  • A Trip On a Budget
  • Traveling With Photography
  • Trip Planning

Pin your blog post to your blog board, including a link back to your blog too. It will conveniently promote your blog on Pinterest.

Pinners have several interests, so you should try your best to cater to their needs by creating different blog boards. It is how you will gain maximum attention from your audience. Naming your board with keywords matching your blog will make it easier for search engines to find you.

You can also join Pinterest group boards, which are community boards where pinners can pin. Join those group boards that perform well on
Pinterest. It will give you greater exposure and increase your followers. It is one of the best ways to promote your blog on Pinterest.

4. Create Attractive PinsPinning

Creating eye-catching images for articles is a must for bloggers. Attractive images persuade viewers to reach your blog posts. Every successful blogger needs to create professional-looking images that are pin-worthy.

If you want people to save your pins then:

  • Use Canva to create beautiful images. Canva is not only a free tool but also very easy to use. I recommend you create your account on Canva if you want your pictures to stand out.
  • Keeping a 2:3 ratio is essential for Pinterest images. Longer images are more likely to get repined, so make sure you don’t miss out.
  • Colors having warm tones like pinks and reds receive more considerable attention on Pinterest. Pins should have a good theme that makes them more recognizable.
  • Make sure to use high-quality images taken up close to make people feel like they are experiencing them.
  • The background of your image should be story-telling and creative.

5. Create Easy-To-Read Text Overlays

Viewers would want to know what your pin is about while scrolling through the feed. That is why text overlays are so crucial in pin images. Try experimenting with different text colors and fonts to make your pin more appealing and easy-to-read. The keywords used should be bold and colorful. Never place text over a messy background because the readability of your text overlays is a must.

6. Write Irresistible Pin Descriptions

Optimize your pin descriptions to promote your blog on Pinterest better. The description should have sufficient information to compel pinners to click. The first 100 words that show in the feed are essential, so try placing keywords at the beginning of the description. Call-to-action like “Check Out To Learn More” can be added in the description to arouse curiosity in the viewers. Using hashtags in descriptions makes them more visible in the search results. Pin descriptions should be exciting and irresistible to click if you want to drive your blog’s great attention.

7. Post At The Right TimeTime

To post at the prime times for your audience is vital to promote your blog on Pinterest. You can look through the analytics to check when likely are the users most active. The audience in the evening most uses Pinterest, usually, so try posting at this time.

8. Engage With Your Followers On Pinterest

If you want your pinners to read your blogs, then you need to engage more with your followers on Pinterest. Pin frequently so that your pins get viewed more. Re-pin your followers’ pins and answer their questions in your blog. Involve your active followers to create your boards. Encourage your followers to like your pins and thank them. Engagement with the community will help promote your blog on Pinterest.

Conclusion – Happy Pinning

Pinterest is not only for fun, preferably, but it also has a good readership with a diverse community. You have every opportunity to expand the reach of your blog through Pinterest. It is undoubtedly the top source for driving traffic and generating revenue for bloggers.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and update your account on Pinterest to promote your blog to a vast audience.

If you have any questions or comments about Pinterest, please don’t hesitate to share below.


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  1. I have used Pinterest for ages, but solely for private reasons. You are right we should also make advantage of the business opportunity. Thank you so much for your tips, and happy pinning for you too 🙂

    • Hi Hannie,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Yes, Pinterest is a very good tool to promote your blog or business. Try to figure out, create a Pinterest Business account and start pinning for your business. You’ll see the result very soon.

      Happy pinning,



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