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Progress Report #1 – How Can I Build a Website 3 Months Ago?

Hello, everyone.

IconI created this website,, 3 months ago. Suddenly, I realized that I didn’t publish any post about how can I build a website and the progress of the development of this website. In the “About Me” page, I briefly introduce myself and explain the reasons to build this website. Now, this website is 3 months old. I think it’s time to post a progress report to record the development of this website.

Wealthy AffiliateCame Back To Wealthy Affiliate – Inspired By Jerry Huang

In April 2020, I looked around on the internet and saw a young Taiwan guy called Jerry Huang. He is a full-time affiliate marketer and earns a full-time monthly passive income by affiliate marketing. His story inspired me to come back to the affiliate marketing industry and the Wealthy Affiliate.

I immediately upgraded to the “Premium” membership of Wealthy Affiliate. In fact, I was a “Starter” member of Wealthy Affiliate from 2012 but I didn’t follow its training seriously. This time, I follow its training and build a brand-new website,, to re-start my affiliate marketing business.

How Can I Build a Website 3 Months Ago?

Online Entrepreneur Certification

Once I upgraded to the “Premium” membership, I immediately went through the 10 lessons of the Online Entrepreneur Certification, OEC Phrase 1 training as shown above.

Site Domain & Site Content

In these 10 lessons, I learned how to register a domain and host it by using the “Site Domain” function on the Wealthy Affiliate.

Moreover, by using the “Site Content” function on the Wealthy Affiliate, I learned how to publish my posts on my website. Therefore, I’ve already able to build my website after finish the Level 1 OEC training.

How’s the Result of a 3 Months Old Website? – A Bit Behind Schedule

After 3-month hard work on this website, there is a certain number of posts, comments, and a certain amount of organic traffic. Now, let me give you some data on my website.

  • Number of PostsNumber of Posts and Pages Published: 24 posts and 5 pages
    • There are 24 posts and 5 pages published after 3 months. It’s a bit behind schedule. According to the training called Affiliate Bootcamp on Wealthy Affiliate, it should be 30 to 60 posts published after 3 months. I have only 24 posts now which is a little bit behind schedule. Anyway, I’ve already tried my best since I still have a 9-5 job and don’t have enough spare time.


  • Number of CommentsNumber of Comments: 96 (About Half of The Comments is My Reply)
    • There are a total of 96 comments on different posts on my website. I have to say thank you to those who visited my website and left their valuable comments. I’m very appreciated and I will reply to all the comments as soon as possible because I would like to interact with my fellow visitors.


  • Amount of Organic Traffic
    • Since I set up the Google Analytics account on 24 May, I just have the data from that day. Starting from the 24th of May, there are a total of 180 users with 394 sessions on my website.

Amount of Traffic

    • There are 18 users with 49 sessions between 24 May and 31 May;
    • 55 users with 112 sessions for June;
    • 112 users with 233 sessions for July. In July, there are about 3 to 4 visitors per day.
    • I realize that the traffic of my website is still very low but I hope it will be improved while publishing more and more posts and improving the SEO ranking in the future.

Social Media Engagement – Facebook and Twitter, But How About Pinterest?

  • Social MediaFacebook Fanpage: 36 Likes
    • I created a Facebook Fanpage on the 25th of May. At the end of July, there are a total of 36 people who liked my page. All the posts on this website are also shared on this Facebook Fanpage. Sometimes, I’ll share some success stories from Wealthy Affiliate to this Fanpage. To attract more Likes on my Fanpage, I left many comments on other popular Fanpages such as Peng Joon and Robert Kiyosaki. Usually, it could attract a few Likes by leaving comments on these popular Fanpages.
  • Twitter: 82 Followers
    • I joined Twitter in April 2020. At the end of July, there are 82 followers. Similar to my Facebook Fanpage, I shared all the posts from this website and some success stories from Wealthy Affiliate on this Twitter account.
  • Pinterest: BIG Problems Here
    • As I follow the training of Affiliate Bootcamp on Wealthy Affiliate, Pinterest is one of the social media platforms that I should utilize to get traffic to my website. However, my first Pinterest account is suspended due to the violation of Pinterest policies but I still don’t know which policies I violated. Anyway, I created another Pinterest account by another email address. However, I cannot create any pins from this website due to the following message always pop up: “Users have reported that this links to spam or other inappropriate content.” I’m still dealing with Pinterest and waiting for their reply.

What Did I Learn Over These 3 Months?

Affiliate Bootcamp

Starting from April 2020, I followed the Affiliate Bootcamp training on Wealthy Affiliate to establish my affiliate marketing business. Over these 3 months, I learned a great deal of knowledge about affiliate marketing and website building. Wealthy Affiliate provides all the necessary tools for me to build my website.

I registered my own domain, “”, and hosted it on Wealthy Affiliate. Also, Wealthy Affiliate provides an email account for me which is “”. I’m able to use WordPress to manage all my posts and pages, and other necessary WordPress plugins.

JaaxyKeyword research is another important element for a successful affiliate marketing business. I would like to say thank you to Jaxxy which is the keyword research tool for Premium Wealthy Affiliate members. I could find relatively high traffic with low competition keywords for all my blog posts. The training about keyword research by using Jaxxy is very comprehensive so that I could easily build a list of keywords.

Moreover, I learned how to use different social media channels to promote my website. Kyle and Carson who are the co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate also taught me how to use free online tools to create simple graphics and logos in the training.

There are a total of 7 Phrases with 70 Lessons in the Affiliate Bootcamp training. I completed the first 3 Phrases and I’m now in Lesson 9 of Phrase 4. Kyle is going to teach me how to create videos to get more traffic to my website which I believe will be very interesting.

Planning For The Next Month: August 2020

BloggingSince I’m a bit behind schedule of publishing posts, I’ll try my best to catch up and publish at least 30 posts in total at the end of August. I’m very confident that I can reach this target since there are already 24 posts published. I hope the SEO ranking of my website will be increased and so that the organic traffic to my website will be improved while more and more keyword-rich posts will be published in the future.

Facebook and Twitter will be still my main social media platforms to promote my website. I’ll continue to share all my posts and other success stories with these two channels and try my best to interact with other affiliates on Facebook and Twitter. On the other hand, I hope Pinterest will give me a good reply and I could then create pins from my website again.

So far, I still have the motivation to continue my affiliate marketing business. 3 to 6 months is my limitation. If there is no significant result within 3 to 6 months, I’ll begin to lose my motivation due to the lack of patience and consistency. I realize that it is my weakness to do any business. Affiliate marketing is a very long journey, just like a marathon, you can’t get rich overnight. Therefore, patience and consistency are very important for success in affiliate marketing. Luckily, there is a very helpful and supportive community on the Wealthy Affiliate. I have a lot of supports from a tremendous amount of nice and helpful Wealthy Affiliate members such as Kyle, Carson, Jerry Huang, Grace aka Littleamama, Mike Beatty, and so on…… I could get the answers and supports promptly when I raised any questions or difficulties on Wealthy Affiliate. This is the most active and helpful online community that I’ve ever seen.

In a nutshell, I’ve already done a lot of different things on my affiliate marketing journey over these 3 months. I will not give up this time. I’ll carry on, be patient, and consistent to wait for the miracle day of success.

If you have any questions or comments on my progress or the training on Wealthy Affiliate, please don’t hesitate to share below. I’d love your comments and I’ll reply to you as soon as possible. God Bless You!!


6 thoughts on “Progress Report #1 – How Can I Build a Website 3 Months Ago?”

  1. I’ve been using Pinterest for a few months, and they have always been fine with my account. However, I hear that they are not very tolerant of people using copyrighted images – have you been obtaining the pictures you add from copyright free sites such as Pixabay?

    • Hi Simon,

      Thank you for your comment.

      I didn’t use any images from Pixabay. I just search for images that are free to use and share from Google. Also, I sometimes find images from where provide free images. So, I don’t know why Pinterest suspended my last account and my website.

      Happy pinning,


  2. Hi Alex, you learned a lot in 3 months 🙂 congratulations. Social Media can be a challenge but I see that you have almost conquered it. I have a friend that once said that Affiliated marketing is not a hunting expedition but rather cultivating and planting an apple tree. Yes, you must find the correct place to plant the tree, the ground must be fertile and you will have to dig a hole and put the tree with the loose soil in it so that the roots can easily penetrate the soil. Watering your tree, an apple tree can take up to 6 years to bear first fruit so you must keep an eye on it. If you do it right an apple tree can live up until a 100 years. Good luck,

    • Hi,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Yes, I learned a lot in 3 months. I have to say thank you to Wealthy Affiliate and all Wealthy Affiliate members. They help me a lot in these 3 months. I realize that affiliate marketing can’t get me rich overnight. Persistence and consistency are very important for affiliate marketing. I’ll look after my apple tree and wait for my first fruit.

      All the best,


  3. This post is inspirational and highly motivating for those who have the vision on starting an affiliate marketing business but have been procrastination due to various factors. After reading this post, hopefully this will add fuel to the fire. I really enjoyed reading your step by step journey to affiliate marketing so far and what you have achieved in super inspirational. Keep up the great work.

    Best Regards

    • Hi Habib,

      Thank you for your comment.

      My purpose in writing this post is to record my affiliate marketing progress. If this post could inspire someone, I’m absolutely appreciated. This is the first progress report and I hope there is a significant improvement in the forthcoming progress reports.

      All the best,



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