Project 24 Review: What Is Income School Project 24?

Like my many reviews, I am honest and unbiased when I talk about online courses. Today, I will be doing a review on the famous Income School’s Project 24. What is Income School Project 24? I encourage you to sit back and remove any myth you have about this course, so you’ll also have an unbiased opinion.

On the Internet today, there is a huge number of courses about making money online. Some are genuine and effective and others, are not. Finding the right platforms is a struggle especially for a first-timer. When I see beginners interested in making money from the internet, I always advise them to first decide what they are interested in. It is the interest that will give you the patience you need to stay on a course.

What Is Income School’s Project 24?

What is Income School Project 24Project 24 is Income School‘s course that teaches a user how to build niche sites, Youtube channels, blogs and so much more. The name “Project 24” means that a person who uses it will earn an income between 24 months, so this course is a long-term one and not for people who are in a haste to make it big.

The method of teaching the creators of this course employ is considered controversial by many, but their practices work and there are testimonials from students who have used the course.

Project 24 doesn’t depend on keyword tools or link building for its success, because the owners consider these practices to be ineffective and spammy.

Instead, they focus on teaching the 60 steps required to build a website: from choosing a niche to site branding, site promotion, WordPress setting, image selection, SEO, learning about writing, you will find all these in the course materials. You learn how to set up a Youtube channel and you also enjoy several bonuses.

Though Income School says you can build a site by dedicating an hour a day, I don’t think this will work. You’ll need to put in a lot more hours to get your site up and running.

Project 24 has a timeline that calls a user to finish the 60 steps within two months. When you start, your website’s profit may not be as low as $6 but this will change with time.

Project 24 gives you access to several aspects of digital marketing when you sign up. You also get access to the podcast and vlog, and these platforms have so much value.

Who Are The Creators?

Ricky Kesler and Jim Harmer are the creators of Income school. These two men are friends who met in high school and have maintained the friendship.

Ricky and Jim are both from Idaho, in the US, and have been building sites since 2010. Over a decade ago! In 2015, They launched Income School, a website and YouTube channel which teaches about building niche sites and monetizing them. These guys run niche sites that give answers to questions within a niche.

Ricky has an MBA, while Jim is an attorney. They both run the popular Income School youtube channel which has millions of views and other than Income School they have niche websites such as Cabin Freedom, Purpose in Christ, Pontoon Guide, 7-year-olds, Knife Up, Improve Photography, Embora Pets, Sound Proof Expert, Dirt Bike Planet, Camper Report and DIY house security.

It might also be that they made more in the works or I am just yet to discover. They have both spoken at conferences like Wordcamp and Fincon. They created Project 24 as a course that will teach others about what they do.

Pro and Cons

Here are the pros and cons of Project 24. I greatly believe in this part of reviews, even if when a reviewer has not been saying much, this section usually has a lot to reveal.


  • Unusual Teaching Method: Jim and Ricky do not use the usual method of teaching. For example, they are not advocates of keywords or link building and somehow their methods work. Project 24 teaches you how to create passive income niche sites. Jim and Ricky have several successful niche sites to their names.


  • Passive Income: With Project 24, it is possible you make money while you are asleep. The course helps you perform an activity that continues to bring income for you. The beautiful thing about passive income is that it doesn’t ask for so much sacrifice for the benefit you get.


  • Quality Content: The course module is not like anything you’ve seen. No recycling of previous knowledge you might have encountered in other courses. Project 24 goes straight to the point to teach you what you should know, what works and what is relevant for you to achieve your dreams.


  • Niche Site: The owners have been building successful niche sites since 2013, so yes, they know their way around. This course shows you how to make the most of your niche, you are not required to focus on frivolities or what isn’t beneficial.


  • Community Support: You get to be a member of a reliable community of people who are ready to help you any time. The wonderful thing about this group is the diversity of skills you’ll find amongst the members. You have people willing to offer their knowledge about design, marketing, code writing, business, Youtube, website building and so much more. This pro is like one of my best parts of Project 24.


  • Yearly Renewal: Project 24 is sold for $499 and you need to make a yearly payment of $199 for renewed access. I am curious about why I have to make a yearly renewal if I can learn all I need within the first year. This is my major issue with this course.


  • No Refunds: This is another con though I understand where the owners are coming from. According to them, users started taking advantage of the refund to extort money from them. A user pays, downloads the materials and goes on to request a refund.


  • Complicated Set-Up: The method of set up contained in the materials is quite complicated and one will have a hard time finding their way around.

Final Thoughts

Making money online is becoming popular, and lots of individuals are currently maximizing the time they spend on the internet by making money from it.

If you are one of such persons interested in having a source of passive income, you should check out Project 24 or other comprehensive online courses.

Project 24 was built by two experts, who have proven to be knowledgeable in this field. Having built different niche sites, Jim and Ricky put together their “tricks” into a course to help other people who are interested in making passive income.

This Income School course has clear, realistic steps you can follow and set up a niche site. You also get to enjoy support from other community members, so your journey isn’t exactly a lonely one.

As wonderful as this course sounds I am concerned about the yearly renewal of $199. I know not everyone wants to continue to pay after the first investment but if it is something you can afford, then Project 24 will be a great choice for you.

Also, the creators are transparent and tell you that you will earn within 24 months, so you’ll need a lot of patience. Wishing you success on your journey.

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