The Auto Chat Profits Review – Is This A Platform One Should Invest In?

Welcome to the Auto Chat Profits Review. If you’ve been thinking of investing in this platform, getting enough information about it is the wise thing to do.

Most persons see an opportunity, get tempted by the prospects of making so much money then go-ahead to put in their hard-earned cash without a second thought about the legitimacy of such space.

In this Auto Chat Profits review, I have studied the Auto Chat Profits platform; what it is about, mode of operation, requirements to participate and the pros and cons, and from my study, I’ve concluded on what one who wants to invest in it should do.

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What is Auto Chat Profits?

Auto Chat ProfitsThis is an investment platform that claims to generate profits for its users through an entirely automated process.

It promises investors a daily earning of up to $400 after investing and you do little work. The whole idea seems rather sketchy to me.

First, the founder is unknown; no name has been mentioned in relation to the platform and the spokesperson “Samantha Smith” claims to use a pen name!

Is there a need for that? You should know that this did send some alarm bells going off in my head. Now, I am not saying this site isn’t legit, I am concerned about the need for such a level of “secrecy”.

People love to work with what they can see, it is from available proof that most persons would make the decision to make a purchase or even putting their money anywhere. Going by what they have on the platform, it is understandable if people are skeptical about investing. I mean, I am skeptical too.

Auto Chats Profits use an affiliate marketing strategy where you are required to make payment for registration and the owners of Auto Chat Profits set up a website with an automated chatbot feature that generates affiliate sales for you.

How Does It Work?

Auto Chat Profits Review First, you are required to make a payment of $37 after which a website would be set up for you and you are not required to be in charge of the running of the site.

The platform is designed in such a way that a robot chat feature produces affiliate sales for you. You will need to create a ClickBank account which you are required to link with your Auto Chat Profit website.

After the linking of the ClickBank account, you will get a domain name but the thing is that this name has already been formulated by the owner(s) of Auto Chat Profits and they also retain ownership of your domain name. It almost feels like you don’t own anything.

Then you proceed to sign up with an email marketing service so you can get emails from the website which you use to communicate and convince people to purchase for you earn a commission.

The next stage is to click on the build website button and your site is ready. This arrangement seems nice if not for issues such as the “huge amount” you are to earn, the idea that the domain name isn’t yours, a vague robot automated system and also the anonymity of the creator.

If it is so legit, there’d be no need for secrecy, believe me.

How Much Does It Pay?

Though you are told to pay $37 (which seems like a fair sum) to get registered, with the time you’ll be asked to pay additional fees to have access to everything within the system and you will discover you have invested nearly $500.

The owners promise to pay the sum of $427 daily. Yes, you read right, every day. This seems like the right amount to tempt almost anyone.

Pros And Cons

Below, I have put together a list of really wonderful things about this online money-making platform and some things that are not so wonderful.


Set-Up: The method of setting up is quite easy, I mean one without any prior knowledge just by carefully following the instructions will be able to set up a website within minutes. No strenuous assignments or activities are required.

Get A Money-Back Guarantee: This is a small consolation that even if it doesn’t work out, you get your money back within 60 days.

Based On Affiliate Marketing: This is the part of this whole setup that appeals to me the most. Affiliate marketing is a genuine way to earn cash, most people depend on it as a side hustle and of course, it brings in money from time to time.

With the increase in the way people are depending on the internet, a lot of persons now make their purchases online and affiliate markets help buyers make decisions. If done correctly, one gets to earn cool cash from it.

Less Time: Auto Chat Profits is an online money-making platform that uses robots to sell for you. Now, this is pretty cool if it works! You are not required to dedicate so much time to the website as there is a robot on standby that helps take care of most of the work. It should make a good side hustle.


The Anonymity Of The Owner(s): This is my main issue with this platform. Maybe the owner has other reasons for choosing to be anonymous but you can’t deny that when it comes to dealing with money, everyone likes transparency; it just infuses this level of trust into a partnership. Maybe if we knew who owned this place, we’ll do other researches to know if they are trustworthy.

Ownership: You do not own the website. Remember I said this before? Technically, when you register and link your ClickBank to the Auto Chat Profits, you are required to choose a domain name and this name belongs to the owners of the business. If the owners of the site to close to the business, poof! You have nothing left.

Traffic: The source of getting traffic for the business you’ve set up is not so efficient and on Auto chat Profits you are restricted to this one choice, which is; Solo Ads. You will find that with this option you will pay much more to get very little profit. Search Engine Optimisation remains one of the greatest ways of increasing traffic.

Final Thoughts

Though I can’t outrightly dissuade an interested person from investing, I’d like to think that this Auto Chat Profits review encourages you to carry out more research to ensure you are not putting your money where it goes down a hole.

Maybe more sites have other reviews on this topic or testimonies from real people who’ve benefitted from the investment.

Affiliate marketing is a good way to make money online; it has been for a long time now but the way it is structured within Auto Chat Profits with robots doing the sales gives me concerns as to the effectiveness of such method.

I think of this particular online money-making strategy as a place with really big promises but few results. As much as you need a place to get passive income from, I will advise that you are careful because there are people who with big promises will try to strip you of your money.

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