Wealthy Affiliate – The Best Free Affiliate Marketing Training?

Is Wealthy Affiliate the best free affiliate marketing training or not?

In this blog, I am not promoting Wealthy Affiliate. But I consider it my duty to share my opinion. As there is nothing flawless in this world, similarly we all do not have the same thinking. However, mostly our opinions are based on our experience.

While browsing about Wealthy Affiliate, I came to see different happy WA reviews and some critic’s points about its downsides. I don’t have concern for others, but here I am, sharing my personal and unbiased review.

In the end, after reading it, it will be up to you how you take it, positive or negative. But you will know why I am supporting this online platform.

Wealthy AffiliateWhat Is Wealthy Affiliate? 

Wealthy Affiliate is an online course and teaching platform to learn about making money online with affiliate marketing.

This online supportive business model guides the starters on how to build up their website or blogs and make money from them. Wealthy Affiliate was introduced in September 2005 in Canada by Kyle Loudon & Carson Lim.

For many years, it has become a beginner’s community while providing all necessary training, tools, resources, and help to build a profitable affiliate marketing business.

Features Of The Best Free Affiliate Marketing Training

  • Training

Wealthy Affiliate is offering three types of training; Official, Weekly, and Member-Generated. In official training, you will get step-by-step guidelines by Kyle & Carson. Weekly training is webinar-based given by WA’s training principle, Jay.

In official training, there are 50+ lessons. Each lesson is categorized in an easy-to-follow and implement way. For each lesson, learners will get assignments to learn about each step thoroughly.

The training principal will conduct the second, weekly live webinar-based training. Jay will deliver the lectures about different internet marketing-related topics such as email marketing, YouTube marketing, Facebook retargeting, etc., which are not included in the official training.

Moreover, WA members can also conduct their training inside the Wealthy Affiliate based on their knowledge. If you are successful in your training and get a high engagement rate, Wealthy Affiliate will pay you credits for that.

  • JaaxyTools

Wealthy Affiliate will offer you all web hosting, web builder, web domain registration, keyword research tool, custom business email address, web comment, and web feedback platform tools.

You do not have to pay extra charges for these tools and their services except your domain name. You have to pay $14-$16 yearly to buy your domain name.

  • Support

Wealthy Affiliate offers you 24/7 site support, live chat, asking the community, private message, access to the owners, and personal support choices.

The option ’24/7 Site Support’ will support you to solve all website technical problems. In the ’24/7 Live Chat’ option, you will get fast answers to your queries. ‘Ask the Community’ will give you a support ticket to submit your questions to the community for help.

If you want to send a help request to members, you have to choose the ‘private message’ option. ‘Access to the Owners’ is one of the unique functions of a Wealthy Affiliate.

It will let you get personal help from the Kyle & Carson – owners of Wealth Affiliate.

Pros of The Best Free Affiliate Marketing Training

  • A Multipurpose Platform: We can see that different other programs offer courses to learn about the affiliate market concepts. They do not let the users access their tools. Users have to join other tools to run their business. On the other hand, WA offers free web hosting, web builder, and keyword research tools.

  • Low-Cost & Profitable: Wealthy Affiliate offers’ free starter and premium membership’. ‘Free starter membership’ is free and does not have any limited trial period. For ‘Premium membership,’ you have to pay $49 monthly or $359 yearly. This plan will give you full reach to the community and tools, training, and support.

  • Free From Restricted Upsells: Wealthy Affiliate does not have restricted upsells. Rather than that, it is focusing on adding more value. As stated above in the fixed price, its premium package will give you access to everything you require to start your online business. There are no additional charges rather than purchasing your domain name.

  • Entire And Excellent Support System: WA offers a 24/7 support system to solve your simple-to-technical issues. Its all-support functions will resolve your queries within a few minutes. If you think there are automatic bot answers or auto-messages, you are wrong here. Wealthy Affiliate gives a genuine reply within a few minutes.

  • Highly Supportive And Active Community: Wealthy Affiliate is a group of an active community. Users come to discuss their problems and learn about affiliate marketing.

  • Set Up Your Online Business In Any Niche: Many market programs do not allow their users to build up their business website. Contrary to this, users have to promote their brand and earn a commission. At the same time, Wealthy Affiliate supports the users to start their business in their desired niche. If you can’t believe you can check this while using the free startup membership.

Wealthy Affiliate

Cons Of The Best Free Affiliate Marketing Training

  • Wealthy Affiliate course is just about organic SEO. It is not fair to learn about the paid traffic methods.

  • It also lacks training on conversion optimization. With WA’s help, you can create a website from scratch, write content, and optimize your blog for search engine optimization, but not how to design a website. You will not find anything there about the conversion of the website.

  • Wealthy Affiliate claims to be a platform for all affiliate marketer’s levels. But honestly speaking, it is worth it for beginners. However, it does not mean that the experts cannot join it. But it starts from zero and then goes to a high level.

  • Wealthy Affiliate aims at free traffic methods from Google. That’s why it is time-consuming as compared to paid traffic methods to get fast results.

Final Thought

Conclusively, Wealthy Affiliate is a great free platform for beginners. It is useful for those who are new in the affiliate marketing industry. However, the experienced ones can also benefit from its membership. But it is mainly directed at the newcomers. They will learn how to create their website and set up an online business from scratch.

Wealthy Affiliate

How Do I Learn To Make Money Online?

Wealthy AffiliateI joined Wealthy Affiliate which is a comprehensive making money online training program that teaches me step by step to build my own affiliate marketing business. I’m currently a Premium member of this well-known affiliate marketing training program. This program will teach you how to start your affiliate marketing business step by step and make money online.

There are lots of successful affiliates who are making a tremendous amount of money on Wealthy Affiliate.

If you have any comments about Wealthy Affiliate, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you and I’ll reply to you as soon as possible.


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