What About ClickBank University 2.0? I’m Not A Member!

What about ClickBank University 2.0? I don’t know, I’m not a member of ClickBank University 2.0. I didn’t purchase this program. However, I do believe I could still write an objective review of this program by referring and analyzing reviews from other genuine members of ClickBank University 2.0.

Writing ReviewSomeone may think that how can I write a good review if I didn’t purchase the product? Let me ask you a question. If you want to write reviews for different motor vehicles, will you purchase all the vehicles before you write reviews for them? If you visit a website with a lot of mobile phone reviews, do you think the website owner already purchased all the mobile phones before writing these reviews?

In the nutshell, my point is that even I didn’t purchase the product, I’m still able to write an excellent review by researching and analyzing reviews from other genuine members. You may ask why don’t I just purchase the ClickBank University 2.0 before writing the review so that I don’t need to explain so much. Firstly, due to my limited budget, I don’t want to purchase too many similar training programs. Secondly, I don’t want to make the same mistake in 2012 again. I started my internet marketing journey in 2012, I was so inspired by lots of training programs. These programs always said you can get rich overnight. Therefore, I purchased programs after programs. But finally, I failed and gave up due to the lack of persistence.

In 2020, I come back to Wealthy Affiliate which is the only training program I’m joining now. Focus, hard work, and persistence are important for your success in your internet marketing journey, not those training programs. Therefore, I will not purchase any other training programs anymore because I think Wealthy Affiliate is already enough for me to obtain updated training and information. Moreover, I can’t concentrate on my actual work if I keep finding the best training program.

To write a review of ClickBank University 2.0, I read a lot of reviews from other genuine ClickBank University 2.0 members. I referred and analyzed their reviews and opinions so that I’m able to summarize their reviews in the following sections. In the following sections, I’ll first introduce ClickBank University 2.0 and its features to you. Then, I’ll compare my favorite training program, Wealthy Affiliate, and ClickBank University 2.0 to you. Don’t worry, I’ll not just tell you how good is Wealthy Affiliate and how bad is ClickBank University 2.0 because both programs have their strengths and weaknesses. Finally, I will share my opinions about ClickBank University 2.0.

What About ClickBank University 2.0? – Brief Introduction

ClickBank University 2.0

I believe almost every internet marketers heard about ClickBank. It is a platform that has a lot of intangible products created by various vendors. All these intangible products can be promoted by affiliates with high commission. I see some vendors on ClickBank offer their commission rates between 50% and even 99%. It’s quite amazing. Although I’m not a member of ClickBank University 2.0, I’m a member of ClickBank. In the ClickBank Marketplace, there are a lot of products in different categories such as E-Business & E-Marketing, Games, Health & Fitness, Self-help, Sports, and Travel that you can promote.

Certainly, ClickBank wants more and more vendors and affiliates to join their platform. Therefore, it is an incentive for ClickBank to create its training programs to teach more and more people who want to make money online to become their vendors and affiliates. That’s why ClickBank University was created.

The latest version of ClickBank University is 2.0 version which I’m going to review in this article. Comparing with the 1.0 version, ClickBank University 1.0 only focuses on the vendor side and teaches you how to create your product and put it on the ClickBank marketplace. On the other hand, the latest ClickBank University 2.0 version takes care of both vendors and affiliates and teaches them how to make money online by using the ClickBank platform.

ClickBank University Introduction
(Credit: jefflenney.com)

ClickBank University 2.0 consists of 3 core programs which are Vendors, Affiliates, and Traffic. All the training inside are presented by a lot of videos so that you can understand the content very easily. Under the Vendors program, there are 12-week lessons that teach you how to create your product and launch it on ClickBank. Under the Affiliates section, there are 8-week lessons that teach you how to promote other vendors’ products from ClickBank. Under the Traffic section, ClickBank University 2.0 emphasizes two major techniques which are Facebook Advertising and Instagram Shoutouts to get paid traffic.

Apart from the above 3 core programs, you can also access the Toolkit, CBU Live Webinar, and CBU Forum. Under the Toolkit section, a lot of technical stuff along your internet marketing journey will be covered. CBU Live Webinar and CBU Forum are the communication channels between the founders of ClickBank University and their members. Also, you may able to access some Crash Courses which were created in the past such as YouTube Ads, Buy & Sell Online Businesses, Expert Interviews, The Official Copywriting Guide, Market & Customer Research, and The Ultimate Case Study. You may watch the video below which is the official order form video about giving you a quick overview of ClickBank University 2.0 before placing the purchasing order.


Core Program 1: Vendors

This core program consists of 12-week lessons to teach you how to be a vendor on ClickBank. In these lessons, you will learn how to create your product and launch it on ClickBank. You know, selling your product is certainly an excellent method to make huge money and build your email list very quickly. Therefore, some people are always interested in creating their products and working with affiliates to sell their products. However, it certainly requires the initial capitals to invest in setting up the system, video creation equipment, hiring copywriters, designers and customer services staff, etc.

ClickBank University Vendors
(Credit: onemorecupof-coffee.com)

I never create my product due to my limited budget and lack of persistence in the past. Therefore, I honestly don’t have any experience in creating products. If you are interested in creating your digital product, I think this program is suitable for you. The topics of the 12-week lessons are as follows.

  • Week 1 – How Everything Works + Setup For Success
    • This is an introduction to this program which tells you the goal of this 12-week lessons.
  • Week 2 – Finding Your Perfect Product
    • Think about the niche of your product according to your passion and experience. Consider the probability of making a profit on ClickBank.
  • Week 3 – Creating Your Avatar
    • Think about your customers and try to understand their interests, needs, and problems. Try your best to create a product that can solve their problems.
  • Week 4 – Course Content Creation & Outsourcing
    • Learn how to create the content of your product. Videos, podcasts, and articles are some ways that you can use to present information in your product. If you don’t want to create content by yourself, you can even learn how to outsource this step.
  • Week 5 – Your Perfect Upsell To Maximize Sales
    • Offering upsell is important to maximize the revenue of your product. Try to provide more value to your customers by offering to upsell. Also, if your product provides upsell options, more and more affiliates are willing to help you to promote your product due to more commissions could be earned.
  • Week 6 – High Converting Sales Copy
    • Learn how to write a highly converted sales copy. If your sales copy is poorly converted, you and your affiliates cannot make any sales.
  • Week 7 – The “Easy” VSL
    • VSL stands for Video Sales Letter. Video is probably much convertible than text copies. Therefore, you will learn how to create a highly converted VSL easily this week.
  • Week 8 – Finalizing Your Product via Builder, etc
    • It’s time to finalize your product. Final check all pieces of your products, make sure there is no mistake, and prepare all the sales copies and video sales letters.
  • Week 9 – Getting Up On ClickBank
    • Learn how to launch your product on ClickBank and put it on their marketplace.
  • Week 10 – JV Managing
    • There are lots of affiliates who are earning commissions from different products on the ClickBank marketplace. Therefore, you need to know how to attract them to promote your product.
  • Week 11 – Split Testing
    • By conducting split tests for different elements, you can gradually increase your profits.
  • Week 12 – How To Scale
    • Finally, scale up your product, traffic, and profits.
  • Bonus – Selling High Ticket Products on Webinars
    • This is a bonus lesson which teaches you how to sell high ticket products by organizing live webinars.

After 12-week training, you’ll probably understand how to create your product step by step. Many reviews from genuine members said that this training is very thorough, clear, and easy to understand. You’ll probably able to create a wonderful digital product and launch on the ClickBank marketplace. Along with the help of thousands of affiliates, you may make a huge profit from your product. Anyone who wants to create your product, it is worth taking a look at this training.

Core Program 2: Affiliates

This core program consists of 8-week lessons to teach you how to be an affiliate on ClickBank. In these lessons, you will learn how to be a successful affiliate and promote products on ClickBank. The difference between a vendor and an affiliate is that you don’t need to invest numerous money, even no cost, to become an affiliate. Therefore, almost all people, just like me, who want to make money online will start their journey as an affiliate. After they have more experience, knowledge, and budget, they will start to think about creating their products.

ClickBank University Affiliate
(Credit: drews-review.com)

Meanwhile, persistence and hard work are very important for affiliates, especially if you want to start at no cost. Therefore, many affiliates give up too early and fail, just like me. You can go to “About Me” to look at my story. I started my internet marketing journey as an affiliate in 2012, but due to the lack of persistence and no immediate results, I gave up very quickly. Until 2020, I was inspired by a Wealthy Affiliate member called Jerry Huang and return to the affiliate marketing again. There are a lot of hard-working affiliates who are earning a lot of commissions every day. If you are interested in promoting other peoples’ products to earn commissions, I think this 8-week program is suitable for you. The topics of this 8-week lessons are as follows.

  • Week 1 – Affiliate Marketing on CB
    • Just like the Vendor program, the first week is an introduction that tells you the goal of these 8-week lessons.
  • Week 2 – Understanding Affiliate Marketing
    • Give you the basic concept of affiliate marketing and walk you through the ClickBank marketplace.
  • Week 3 – Finding Your Passion
    • Similar to week 2 of the Vendor program. Identify your interest, passion, or experience so that you can find your interesting niches and products on ClickBank.
  • Week 4 – The Ultimate Affiliate Funnel
    • This program emphasizes email marketing to promote affiliate products. You will learn how to create a squeeze page to capture email addresses and get traffic to this squeeze page.
  • Week 5 – Free, Free, Free: Always Over Deliver
    • Don’t just sell, sell, and sell to your email list. Please give, give and give to your list with free, free, and free content to build up the relationship with your list.
  • Week 6 – Writing the Perfect Swipe
    • When the email list is “Mature” enough, it’s time to sell with a perfect and convertible email swipe. A perfect swipe can lure potential customers to click on the links and purchase the products.
  • Week 7 – The Email Blueprint
    • Learn how to organize an email marketing campaign that consists of email broadcasting and automated emails to build up the relationship with the list while promoting products.
  • Week 8 – Scaling and Expanding
    • Scaling your affiliate marketing campaign by getting more traffic from various ways to your squeeze pages or websites. Moreover, you may want to start to think about creating your product.
  • Bonus: Running Affiliate Promotions

After 8-week training, you’ll probably know how to pick a profitable product from ClickBank and promote them by email marketing. The information in this program is also suitable to promote products from other platforms such as Amazon, Commission Junction, and any other stores which provide affiliate programs. “Money is in the list” is the golden rule in the internet marketing industry. You will learn how to use emails which is one of the effective ways to promote products in this program. Therefore, if you want to be an affiliate, this program is suitable for you.

Core Program 3: Traffic

The third core program is about the most important element in internet marketing. This is called traffic. Even though you create the best product or build up the most convertible squeeze page, if there is no traffic, they are just rubbish. In this program, you will learn two methods which are Facebook Advertising and Instagram Shoutouts to get paid traffic. Yes, you’re right, they teach you how to buy traffic rather than getting free organic traffic. If you have no money or don’t want to spend any money on getting traffic, this program may not suitable for you.

Clickbank University Traffic
(Credit: jefflenney.com)

The first method is Facebook Advertising which consists of 3 lessons. You will learn how to use Facebook ads to reach your targeted audience. This method is not free, you have to spend some money on this Facebook advertising campaign. However, you can see the results quicker than organic traffic.

The second method is Instagram Shoutouts which also consists of 3 lessons. This method is quite interesting. You will learn how to choose a suitable influencer of your niche on Instagram. Then, you have to pay the influencer upfront to share your details with the product that you want to promote. This method could get a very quick result with a great return. According to a review from a genuine member called Shaun, he tried this method under 2 weeks and made over 1K after the Instagram Shoutouts expenses. It is quite incredible. Certainly, you have to properly set up your sales funnels or squeeze page to collect email addresses.

Toolkit – Everything You Need

ToolkitApart from the above 3 core programs, there is a section called “Toolkit”. It is a series of lessons about how to use different technical tools to establish online businesses. For example, you probably need to build a website for launching your product or promoting ClickBank’s products. Therefore, you are required to register a domain. If you have no concept about domain registration, then Lesson 1 “Setting Up a Custom Domain with Godaddy” could help you.

All these lessons in Toolkit will show you step by step on various technical stuff such as creating sales presentations, video recording and editing, banners design, setting up sales funnel, split testing, enhancing social media activity, outsourcing, and email broadcasting. You could find all the necessary tools in there for your online journey. All the topics of Toolkit lessons are as follows:

  • Introduction to Tools
  • Setting Up a Custom Domain with GoDaddy
  • Creating a Sales Presentation with PowerPoint
  • Video Editing with Camtasia
  • Recording Your Sales Video with Camtasia
  • Camtasia Alternative: APowersoft for Screen Recording
  • Design Banners, Posts, & Giveaways with Canva
  • Setting Up Your Funnel with CB Builder
  • Split Testing with Visual Website Optimizer
  • Increasing Conversions with Optimonk
  • Enhance Your Social Media Activity with Hootsuite
  • Outsourcing with UpWork
  • Sending Broadcasts and Automating with AWeber
  • Demographic Research with Google & Twitter

Support Community: CBU Chat Forum, Private FB group & CBU Live Q&A

An ongoing supporting community is so important for internet marketers. It is because it is probably a long journey to be successful in Internet marketing. Therefore, an active community for members is essential to help each other. ClickBank University 2.0 provides a chat forum and private Facebook Group. Members can discuss with each other and ask questions to the co-founders of the ClickBank University, Adam, and Justin.

Moreover, there is a weekly live webinar hosted by Adam and Justin to members. Members can raise their questions in the webinar immediately and they can also get the latest information from the weekly webinars. The nice thing about webinars is that members can watch the previous webinars anytime if they missed them. These webinars cover various topics such as niche selection, content creation, email marketing, social media advertisements, driving traffic, and sales funnels.

Comparison: Wealthy Affiliate vs ClickBank University 2.0

As I said, I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate and this is the only training program that I join currently. If you want to get more details about Wealthy Affiliate, please take a look at my review about Wealthy Affiliate. There are some differences between Wealthy Affiliate and ClickBank University 2.0. I’ll talk a bit about their differences as below.

(WA – Wealthy Affiliate, CBU – ClickBank University 2.0)

  • Training About Traffic
    • WA: Focus on getting traffic from SEO which is organic traffic.
    • CBU: Focus on getting paid traffic from Facebook ads and Instagram shoutouts.
  • Resources Access
    • WA: Limited access to resources on WA for Starter members but unlimited access for Premium members.
    • CBU: Members cannot access the training at once, the content of courses is released gradually.
  • Email Marketing Training
    • WA: Do not cover email marketing in their training.
    • CBU: Cover email marketing in their training for affiliates to promote products.
  • Domain and Hosting Support
    • WA: Provide free domain registration under Siterubix.com and hosting services on their platform.
    • CBU: No domain registration and hosting services but teach you how to register a domain and obtain hosting services.
  • Vendors vs Affiliates
    • WA: Only provide affiliate training but no specific training for vendors.
    • CBU: Training provided for both vendors and affiliates
  • Website Comments Support
    • WA: Members can request comments with each other on their websites
    • CBU: No such feature in their program
  • Content Management System
    • WA: There is a content management system inside the platform associated with the WordPress platform.
    • CBU: There is no content management system inside the platform but teach you how to create content outside the platform by using WordPress or outsourcing etc.
  • Keyword Research
    • WA: A built-in program called Jaaxy for keyword research.
    • CBU: Since their training does not cover SEO, there are not many topics about keyword research.
  • Targeted Market
    • WA: Members can choose their niches and promote products from other platforms such as Amazon, Commission Junction, and even ClickBank. Of course, they can promote Wealthy Affiliate as well.
    • CBU: Vendors can put their products on the ClickBank marketplace, affiliates can promote products from ClickBank marketplace.
  • Community support
    • WA: Live Chat, Forums, Help Centre, and Weekly Webinars provided but no Facebook private group provided.
    • CBU: Chat Forum, Help Centre, Weekly Webinars, and the Facebook private group provided.
  • Offline interaction
    • WA: Annual Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference for certain qualified members.
    • CBU: No official offline activity.
  • Prices and Memberships
    • WA: Free for Starter members, $49/month, or $495/year for Premium members ($19 for the 1st month). No 30 days money-back guarantee but able to cancel the membership anytime.
    • CBU: $47/month without free trial but you will get a 50% discount if you don’t check out the cart immediately. Have 30 days of money-back guarantee while membership cancellation.ClickBank University Discount

My Final Verdict: Excellent Program Especially For Vendors

Certainly, when someone asks me what about ClickBank University 2.0, I’ll tell them ClickBank University 2.0 is not a scam. It is an excellent training program, especially for vendors. It is a wonderful program with very good training structures and resources. There are 2 paths offered. If you want to be a vendor, the vendor core training program is suitable for you. Otherwise, the affiliate core training program is suitable for you if you want to be an affiliate only. Of course, it is not a big deal to take both training programs. You know, vendors and affiliates are always working together in the internet marketing industry.

In the nutshell, ClickBank University 2.0 provides all the necessary resources, information, and knowledge for your successful online businesses. Honestly, I may purchase this program in the future if I want to create my product. Since I’m already a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I will not purchase any other training programs at this moment, I will certainly want to compare Wealthy Affiliate with other training programs. Comparing between Wealthy Affiliate and ClickBank University 2.0, both programs have their strengths and weaknesses.

If you want to create your product, Wealthy Affiliate is not suitable for you but ClickBank University 2.0 could teach you everything you need. On the other hand, if you want to be an affiliate and just want to promote other peoples’ products, both programs are suitable for you. I think the main difference between them is their training in getting traffic. Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to get organic traffic, so it is suitable for you if you have a limited budget. However, if you are willing to spend some money on traffic, ClickBank University 2.0 is suitable for you. Therefore, please consider your circumstances and make the right decision. Again, if you want to get more details about Wealthy Affiliate, please take a look at my review.

P.S. If you have any questions or comments about ClickBank University 2.0 or Wealthy Affiliate, please share below.


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ClickBank University 2.0

$47 Per Month







Website Builder



  • Good Training For Both Vendors & Affiliates
  • Training For Email Marketing
  • Training For Paid Traffic


  • Not Enough Training For Free Traffic
  • Not Free To Join
  • Have Upsells

4 thoughts on “What About ClickBank University 2.0? I’m Not A Member!”

  1. Great review about ClickBank university 2.0 review. I thoroughly enjoyed the read. You’ve really taught us what the ClickBank university 2.0 is looking at all aspects of the program and then comparing it with the Wealthy Affiliate. It’s surprising to know that ClickBank university 2.0 is not too far behind from the Wealthy Affiliate. However, the downside is that there is no training for free traffic with ClickBank. Therefore I’m happy to remain a member of Wealthy Affiliate. It was a great comparison though.


    • Hello Habib,

      Thank you for your comment. ClickBank is another great program that teaches you how to make money online from both the vendor and the affiliate sides. However, it only focuses on paid traffic instead of organic traffic. I think this is the only drawback since not all internet marketers have enough budget for paid traffic. Therefore, Wealthy Affiliate is the alternative that you could learn a great deal of knowledge about organic traffic.

      All the best,


  2. Great review Alex!

    I have to admit, I was super attracted by Clickbank University 2.0’s video pitch, they did get that one right! I was considering choosing Google Sniper but something about them was fishy, until I found ClickBank University 2.0, I knew this was the better choice. 

    I’m a beginner at Affiliate Marketing and I’m super excited to get started. Do you think if I put in effort an hour a day is enough for me to grow my website? 

    • Hi Riaz,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Google Sniper is another online training program I’m going to write a review of it. In my opinion, ClickBank University 2.0 is a good training program that I would recommend to someone who wants to be a vendor. However, I would rather recommend my favorite training program called Wealthy Affiliate to someone who wants to be an affiliate. If you want to get more details about Wealthy Affiliate, you could take a look at my honest review of Wealthy Affiliate.

      As a beginner, I’ll firstly congrats you to take your first step. I will not say an hour a day is not enough. Many beginners start their affiliate marketing businesses while they have 9-5 jobs. What I can assure you is that you’ll have more chances to succeed than those who give up and quit. So, don’t give up and don’t quit. Your hard work will be paid off someday.

      All the best,




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