What About Millionaire Society?

What About Millionaire Society?

Millionaire Society

What about the Millionaire Society? Millionaire Society is a so-called online money making course for individuals. It is a digital training program that is designed to assist those looking to make a sustainable income by setting up a pre-made business online and using automated trading software. The owner called Mack Michaels, probably a fake name, claims that this is a zero-risky way of generating profits with the potential of earning $720 per day. Millionaire Society considers itself different from other home-business styles. This online training platform does not require social media, affiliate marketing, financial commitment to provide long-term financial success. The major aim of this platform as specified by the owner is that money can be easily made just by relying on tried and tested software that will assist in generating income 24 hours. The most famous thing about this Millionaire Society is it’s 15 minutes Turnkey Business system.

Inside The Millionaire Society: Just Disappointing Ebooks & Videos

Let’s take a look at what’s inside the Millionaire Society. Inside the Millionaire Society, there are 6 main modules called Roadmaps, Businesses, Systems, Software, Rolodex, and Blog. In the nutshell, this program is not well-structured in my point of view. It’s difficult to follow the entire training inside the Millionaire Society. What I can get most from this program are just ebooks. There are lots of ebooks that you could download from this program. However, I can’t find any turnkey business systems that this program claimed you could operate immediately.

In the “Roadmaps” module, it said you will find a very simple, step-by-step road maps that they recommend to jumpstart your success on the internet. There are 3 videos called “Affiliate Marketing”, “Turnkey Businesses” and “Traffic Generation”. These videos are just educational. They are about how to start your affiliate marketing, how to start a turnkey business, and how to get traffic to your website. You may just get some ideas on how to make money online from these videos.

Crushing YouTubeIn the “Businesses” module, it claims that you will have full access to instant turnkey businesses that you can download to your computer with just one click. However, what I see are just 160 ebooks such as “Crushing It With Youtube”, “Facebook Fanatic”, “All In The List” and “Blogging Blueprint”. What you can download are just tons of ebooks about how to start some proven online businesses. Then, you’ll have an idea to start your co-called turnkey business by yourself.

In the “Systems” module, there are 4 video series which are “How To Get 100K Visitors In Just 1 Hour”, “How To Make Money On ClickBank”, “Pinterest Profits” and “Domain Flipping”. It claims that you will discover all of their famous “systems” that you can use to do everything from building your first business online to generating massive traffic. However, their so-called “systems” are just a video series about how to start your online business. What you can get are some ideas about how to make money online.

In the “Software” module, it is locked unless you upgrade to be a VIP member by paying an additional $47 a month. It claims you can discover all of their famous software products that you can use to do everything from building your first business online to generating massive traffic, similar claim to the “System” module. Moreover, they claim that more new software packages are being dreamed up in their labs so that you should check back from time to time. These existing software in this module are called “Affiliate Accelerator” and “Profit Bank”. I’m not confident to upgrade to a VIP member since Millionaire Society provides a lot of outdated information in other modules. And I do believe there are just some other ebooks or videos inside this “Software” module.

In the “Rolodex” module, there are lots of links to the necessary tools and services that you need to start your online business. These links are, for instance, Godaddy, Hostgator, and some keyword tools. I believe almost all of these links are affiliate links so that the owner of the Millionaire Society could earn more commissions from affiliate marketing.

In the “Blog” module, there is no update for a long time. Therefore, you could imagine how outdated of Millionaire Society is.

Can You Make Money From The Millionaire Society?


If any online platform is dealing with making up money online, then it will assist in some money-making ways. So obviously this platform will assist you to make money but don’t expect anything much from it because of its very basic or low leveled training. You cannot assume getting rich or billionaire just by joining the Millionaire Society. If you are thinking to do so, then stop it right there because it is not even able to generate a stable income monthly. The platform has outdated training materials which are not even updated with the new and advanced techniques. You will also get PLR products to advertise which must be changed to upgrade the content to a unique one. If you are not updating the PLR products, you will have the same info as the other, and keeping duplicate info is not accepted by the policies of Google. But make sure the fact that it won’t help in raking in the SERP.

Outdated Information On The Website

The training materials and the info available on the platform are outdated. As stated on the official website, you can observe the last update in 2010. Moreover, the last update of its Facebook page is in 2012. This is the major drawback of this platform since to make money online you must be up to date with the new changes made in the online world. So remaining contacted by the old practices might not help you in any way. You must ponder over the fact that you have to pay $97 every month so can you accept paying it and not even receiving updated training programs. And the only alternative you will get is that you have to promote Clickbank products. Although Clickbank is well known for being the largest provider of digital products, still many of them are scam products. Clickbank majorly deals with the money rather than caring about the buyers but still has a 60 days money-back guarantee.

Major Cons Of The Millionaire Society

DislikeThe video that is made available on the sales page of this program does not make any sense and just deals with a topic that how can you earn $700 by working 15 minutes a day. The owner himself uses a fake name to introduce himself. Even there is nothing about the owner on the website. There are no testimonials to claim the training process. The claims made by the program about the income is fake. You are not going to become a billionaire in a single night. So think before you invest. It also provides you the outdated materials which are of no use in the current generation. The low-quality content and training materials provided in this program are not so valuable to be invested in. The other con of this platform is the use of PLR products which can make a claim of copyright on you.

Is Millionaire Society A Scam?


After observing all the facts related to the Millionaire Society, it can be stated that it is a scam. You cannot point out any doubt about that. The major problem with this online training program is its outdated materials and info which will make you regret your invested money. This can also be stated as a scam project because the testimonials as per the video said to be 100% accurate and real but if you talk about the reality it is not found anywhere. This is the major lacking point of Millionaire Society since you can never verify the testimonials if they are valid or not. You can consider it as a big scam since the owner himself has never revealed his identity or the real name over the platform. This depicts that the owner must be hiding something because no other owners of many making money online platforms do so. This will be evidenced in the official page itself where it is mentioned that the name used by the owner is fake and is done for privacy purposes. But it does not seem to be privacy concerning matter if you provide the best services.

Conclusion – SCAM, Don’t Buy It !!

VerdictThus, every person wishes to earn a maximum amount that he could. In today’s expensive world, everyone wants to become a millionaire but it is not easy as it seems to be. So they try to find the best possible ways online to make a huge amount with a little investment and such situations are what being used by several scammers to capture you and loot up all that you have. Millionaire Society is one of the online training programs providing a platform which promises its customer a stable daily earning with prior investment. This kind of promise is what makes the people lure towards them but being a smart one you must first investigate everything about the place where you are intending to invest and do check out the services, training, affiliated companies, and materials provided by the same.

If you’re still curious about joining Millionaire Society, you could click here to spend $4.95 for its 7-day trial and $97 per month thereafter if you decide to stay. If you are not satisfied with this program later, you could still request a refund within 60 days.

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Wealthy AffiliateMy favorite affiliate marketing training program called Wealthy Affiliate. I’m a real member of this program and you could click here to take a look at my honest review of Wealthy Affiliate. You could find a lot of the latest information about affiliate marketing and making money online on this platform. Moreover, there are lots of helpful members on the platform. Your questions can be easily and quickly solved with the help of this active community. Furthermore, this program is much more affordable. It is free to join as a Starter member as long as you like. Certainly, it is better to upgrade to be a Premium member with a monthly fee of $49. It is much cheaper than the monthly membership fee of Millionaire Society which is even an outdated program.

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If you have any questions or comments about Millionaire Society or Wealthy Affiliate, please don’t hesitate to share below.

Millionaire Society

$97 Per Month







Website Builder



  • Very Basic Knowledge About Making Money Online


  • Outdated Materials
  • Unrealistic Claim
  • Low Quality Training

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  1. Dude, so glad you wrote this. I’ve been seeing this a few places online, and some people are praising it like its the greatest thing in the world. Obviously it’s not, the fact that they don’t update is so sad. Great read!

    • Hi, Thank you for your comment.

      I just want to share my honest review of this program. I don’t want to hard-sell any program due to lure someone to purchase it while I could earn an affiliate commission. If you want to take a look at some good programs, click on my recommended programs at the right-hand sidebar. All the best.

    • He Joe,

      Thank you for your comment. There are so many scams online. I just share my honest review and hope to help others to purchase a good product.

      All the best,


  2. Hi Alex,

    You did a great review on this. I didn’t even know Millionaire Society exists! It sounds dodgy from the beginning and I went along reading it, I just went ‘how are people buying into this?’

    It’s sad how they are targeting those who are desperate to make money. Always good to read the reviews before jumping in to any programs online.

    Awesome review!


    • Hi Sam,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Yes, it is good to take a look at different reviews about a product before purchasing it. Especially in the affiliate marketing industry, there are lots of scams and poor products on the market. Therefore, I hope my reviews can help you to make the correct decision to buy to right products.

      All the best,



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