What Is Brick And Mortar Business & How To Move It Online?

Do you know what is Brick And Mortar Business in the jargon of e-commerce businesses in the 2000s? According to Wikipedia“Brick and mortar businesses are companies that have a physical presence (e.g., a retail shop in a building) and offer face-to-face customer experiences.”

Brick & Mortar Funnels Summit

The term “Brick and Mortar Business” is usually used to contrast with “Online Business”. An online business can refer to online shops that do not have physical stores. Online customers cannot visit a physical location, talk to any staff, or touch the products in person. All the purchasing procedures are done online.

Gone are the days when it took months to set up a brick and mortar business and make sales. Traditional brick and mortar businesses and marketing practices have no real role in modern times.

Businesses took up the more easy and convenient option of making a strong online presence to reach a wide range of people in less time. What happened once this began? The investment reduced to a great extent along with accompanied returns if done right.

Again, the question is whether or not every online business thrives in the real world. Not really. Online or offline, the success of a business is equivalent to the efforts in the right direction. But is it possible to achieve success by taking this way? Yes, all that you need is the right skills and a sense of direction.

How To Move Your Brick and Mortar Business Online?

Sales FunnelsFor a prospect to turn into a customer, the walk is really long. This walk is referred to as Sales Funnel.

It begins with the landing page, let’s say 500 people reach your landing page, explaining your offering. Through this page, they will be directed to other important pages on your site. With every next step, the number decreases, and only a few of the people actually lead till the end i.e. purchasing the product or availing services.

So, how can we move a brick and mortar business to the online world? Brick and Mortar Funnels Summit may help. This training program makes these steps easier for your prospects in order to increase this end number.

If you come under those business owners that have no real idea as to where to begin or how to reach till the end, this program may help you out.

Creating a simple sales funnel is not everyone’s cup of tea. This is where the Brick and Mortar Funnels Summit comes into the picture. What is it and what can you expect to learn here? This Brick and Mortar Funnels Summit review will answer all the questions you’ve ever had related to sales funnels.

What Is Brick And Mortar Funnels Summit?

Brick and Mortar Funnels Summit is a 3-day online interview training series wherein 15 business owners explain the right way of increasing revenue generation by taking businesses online.

After the beginning of the pandemic, more and more offline businesses started entering the online world. But in order to make a strong presence, the right set of knowledge is essential. Is there anything better than learning from the experts in the field?

Day 1:

Brick & Mortar Funnels Summit Day 1

  • Anissa Holmes
    • Anissa is a dentist. She successfully generated up to 100 clients and customers a month by applying 4 simple steps.
  • Ryan and Brad
    • Ryan and Brad are practitioners in the financial services industry. They will talk about their “Top Grade” method for scaling their business 5 times in record time.
  • Krista Mashore
    • Krista is a real estate agent. She will talk about how to stand out in your market and even dominate your market in record time.
  • Chad Woolner
    • Chad is a chiropractor. His “Reboot Funnel” helps him seamlessly get new clients into his office.
  • Joe McCall
    • Joe is a practitioner in the real estate field. He generated up to 100 real estate agent and investor leads in 30 days by an online strategy.

Day 2:

Brick Mortar Funnels Summit Day 2

  • Jaime Cross
    • Jaime is in the natural skincare niche. If you want to know how to go from being broke to a multimillionaire, you have to see this interview. She will tell you how lots of hard work, failures, and dedication took her from broke to multimillionaire.
  • Joshua Latimer
    • Joshua has a window cleaner business. How can you imagine the relationship between an online world and a window cleaner business? Joshua can maximize his profits to 6-figure with a service-based business by online tactics.
  • Adam Sewell
    • Adam is a medical physician. He will show you how to create your ideal practice by attracting your ideal patients by using a sales funnel.
  • Jennifer Sewell
    • Jennifer is in the medical spa niche. She can generate tons of clients with no referrals and no list.
  • Mike Arce
    • Mike was struggling to get clients to his fitness studio. By using a correct online technique, he can get up to 100 fitness studio clients in 100 days.

Day 3:

Brick & Mortar Funnels Summit Day 3

  • Alex Hormozi
    • Alex is a gym owner. He will tell you how to pump up your profits with a consistent flow of steady customers.
  • David Frey
    • In David’s interview, he demonstrated how to generate local Facebook traffic to your funnel with no money.
  • Tyler Schaule
    • Tyler is a local business consultant. He just used 3 simple text messaging campaigns to help a local business brings in up to 100 customers in 100 days.
  • Emily Gang
    • Emily is a medicare coach. She used ClickFunnels to generate up to 100 new insurance and financial leads in 100 days.

All these interviews are only available for 24 hours. If you want to get unlimited lifetime access to these interviews, you have to pay $100 as bonuses for signing up the “One Funnel Away Challenge”.

Why Should You Opt For This Training Program?

The best part about this program is rather than delivering theoretical knowledge, it speaks about practical ways that bring you into action. It includes the advice of 15 marketing experts who achieved success through simple sales funnels.

For a brick and mortar business owner, the reach is limited to the traffic that comes at the store in a day. But what if the customer base drastically increases by taking the same online. Your traditional methods might work but are they really reaching the right audience?

By using online marketing, you reach out to the right people, not the ones that have nothing to do with what you offer. Also, the time taken to reach people reduces as well.

Most of the business owners with a website often talk a lot but never really focuses on the major aim i.e. sales. The content on your website should be convincing enough for people to actually make a sale. All the right techniques for doing the same is explained in this training program.

How Can It Help Your Business Grow?

Business GrowthThis program is suitable for beginners since it talks about the basics of sales funnel in detail. Different interviewees explain the concept of using their personalized approaches.

By giving you practical examples of success, it will help you in understanding the importance of adapting sales funnels in your business. Along with that, they will walk you through the steps of reaching out to your ideal clients and making a sale.

It is not essential to get customers only through paid methods. There are many unpaid successful methods known to generate leads. All such methods are explained in this program to get the most out of the online marketing campaign.

The right form of engagement always leads to fruitful results. But in order to achieve that, you need to be equipped with the right methods.

Most people accumulate a bunch of knowledge from all the available sources but have no real idea regarding the implementations. This training program gives you an actual starting point with real examples rather than blabbering some professional terms and stories.

Is Brick And Mortar Funnels Summit Worth Your Time?

Whether or not this training program is right for you depends upon the type of business you own.

For online business owners, this is of little or no use since they are already well-versed with the techniques used. But for people operating bricks and mortar business can benefit a lot from this program.

Also, whether you are selling a product or availing a service, you can reap the benefits of the tactics explained. Even if your business is thriving, you can take it to a whole different level by engaging with this summit.

Furthermore, the best part is that you need not go to a specific place to attend the same, and you can do it from the comfort of your home.

Final Thoughts – Move Your Brick and Mortar Business Online ASAP!

From the above Brick and Mortar Funnels Summit review, you can easily make the right decision. As far as the learning is concerned, there is so much you’ll learn along the way.

Along with sharing their experience, and providing you with the right set of knowledge, the correct application matters a lot as well. What you learn from here must be applied in your business in the right manner. These video lectures from the experts will increase your knowledge base along with the growth of your business.

It’s time to increase your conversion rate by adapting the right methods. You only have 24 hours to watch those useful interviews for free. You could click the button below to access the Brick and Mortar Funnels Summit for free right now.

Brick & Mortar Funnels Summit Button

If you want to get unlimited lifetime access to these interviews, remember to pay $100 for joining the “One Funnel Away Challenge”.

I Don’t Have a Brick & Mortar Business But How Can I Make Money Online?

Make Money OnlineI don’t have a brick and mortar business because I’m not interested in operating a physical store and dealing with inventory, customer services, and logistics, etc.

Moreover, I don’t have enough budget to establish a brick and mortar business. I would rather find an easier and more affordable way to make money. Therefore, making money online by affiliate marketing is my favorite business model.

I don’t need to spend a lot of money to operate a physical store to sell some tangible products. I only need to spend a little amount of money to build a website and then sell other peoples’ products while earning commissions.

This business model to make money online is called affiliate marketing. I learned a lot of knowledge and techniques about affiliate marketing from a well-known training program. If you want to make money but don’t want a brick and mortar business, you could try an affiliate marketing business and learn how to do it on my favorite training program.

If you are interested in my favorite affiliate marketing training program, you could click here to join this program for free as a “Starter” member. Or you could click here to take a look at my review of this training program first.

If you have any comments about the Brick and Mortar Funnels Summit or anything else, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you and I’ll reply to you as soon as possible.


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  1. Hi,
    This is a beautifully written article.
    The way you have explained every fact as to why should we go for it and also how can it help in our business to grow easily is great. And it’s very useful for beginners to build an online business. The best thing is people can get training from 15 business owners from whom we can gain the right knowledge to increase our online business.

    I think you would have a lot of people visiting your website and gaining from your experience and knowledge about the topic.


    • Hi,

      Thank you for the comment.

      When we want to learn something, the best thing is to learn from a successful person. Therefore, if we want to learn how to make money online, we should learn from someone who already succeeds in making money online. In this training, it is very nice that we could learn from 15 business owners who successfully move their brick and mortar businesses online. I believe this training could help people who want to move their businesses online too.

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  2. “Traditional brick and mortar businesses and marketing practices have no real role in modern times.” I guess you refer to these virus-times when we are locked inside our houses? Because I can’t imagine that people don’t want to wander around in the shopping streets or malls anymore. That has a certain atmosphere online businesses lack most of the times.
    But it’s good there are courses for people who want to change to online, or maybe want to do both. So thanks for your review 🙂

    • Hi,

      Thank you for the comment.

      Nowadays, there are more and more people buy things and find services online. Therefore, brick and mortar business owners should consider developing their online exposure to boost their profits. I believe this interview series can inspire them to put their businesses online.

      All the best,


  3. This is super interesting! This is helpful because my mom and her husband own a bakery, now, with them, I feel like this is still a difficult task because they bakery is local and the deliveries are all done by them driving all around our state (Kansas) and the state next door (Missouri). Do you happen to have any particular ideas for a specific local business like a bakery? I’m curious to know so that I can help them on this one

    • Hi,

      Thank you for the comment.

      In my city, there are many local shops such as fruit shops, seafood shops and cake shops put their businesses online. They take a lot of nice photos of their products and put them online. They get their orders from their websites and cooperate with some courier companies to deliver their products. Their businesses are expanding due to their online exposure. Apparently, they need to cooperate with other parties such as courier companies, website developers and hire more staff. I believe you could take the same strategy for your bakery to expand your business.

      All the best,



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