What Is CB Passive Income Elite About? It’s Not a Scam But……

CB Passive Income EliteToday, I’m going to talk about an affiliate marketing training program called CB Passive Income Elite. What is CB Passive Income Elite about? In this review, I’ll tell you the details of CB Passive Income Elite and my final thoughts on this affiliate marketing training program.

For people always in search of making a side income, affiliate marketing is the most preferred source. The creator of CB Passive Income claimed that it is ClickBank’s top-rated product and has helped many people to earn a good amount of money.

This product helps people in understanding how they can promote products and earn a sufficient amount of commission in return on every sale. The main motive of the product is to earn while you sleep.

Sounds like the dream of every person existing on this planet, right? Yes, but remember that not everyone makes it. Its creator Patric Chan has earned a pretty good sum using the same methods.

The first version of this product was launched in 2013 and has been updated every since. Version 4.0 and 5.0 became a huge success which led to the best of all, “CB Passive Income Elite” in 2019.

If you are wondering if its creator was a millionaire from the beginning, then no, he was not. Just like other people, he started with affiliate marketing, learned his lessons, created his own product, and thrived in the business. Currently, he is a super affiliate at ClickBank and has shown the right path to a thousand others.

Now as we are aware of the program and the benefits people received through it, let’s talk about its legitimate nature.

Most people nowadays get caught up in online scams which prevents them from investing their money in any avenue. But with this Elite program, you can be stress-free since it’s completely legit.

It has helped many people succeed and earn the digits they always dreamt of. As far as the time frame is concerned, it takes years for entrepreneurs to make some real progress and it depends upon the effort you put in.

What Is CB Passive Income Elite About?

Email MarketingAs discussed above, CB Passive Income helps people in earning money by recommending other brands. You will get your hands on Patric Chan’s tried and trusted methods of earning money.

Most of the programs running online are not even carried by real people but this guy is genuine and credible. Other than a top affiliate marketer, he is also a well-known author of some of the best-selling books teaching people to thrive in their online business.

In this program, Patric will teach you the basic three steps to start your affiliate marketing business.

  • Step 1: Capture Email Addresses
    • The first step is to create a landing page that lets your visitors leave their email addresses. To lure your visitors to leave their email addresses, you have to offer some giveaways such as free ebooks, videos, or membership to your visitors.
  • Step 2: Build Trust and Relationship With Subscribers
    • Once your visitors leave their email addresses to you, you could start to provide useful content to your subscribers. The purpose of this step is to build trust and relationships with your subscribers so that you could promote your products easily.
  • Step 3: Promote Your Products via Emails
    • The last step is to promote your ClickBank products to your subscribers via emails. After building trust with your subscribers, you could start to promote your products to your subscribers. Your subscribers will probably buy your recommended products if you could build a good relationship and trust with your subscribers.

What Will You Receive On The Purchase Of This Training Program?

  • Content Engine Maker: An Automatic Content Generation Software

As we all know that creating content takes time and enough research. In such a scenario, having software that instantly creates content you can mail to your email list makes the task easier.

You will receive a Content Engine Maker, a software for creating resources such as mini e-books. All you need to do is mail or publish the ready-made content by this software.

  • More Than 200 Emails By Patric Chan To Boost Your Campaigns

E-mail campaigns play an important role in promoting your online business. Email is the oldest form of communication with potential customers and has been effective ever since.

What if a badly formatted email takes away even the slightest chance of making a conversion? All your efforts will go down to nothing. But if you get access to more than 200 emails by a top affiliate marketer? Yes, you will receive it with this program and you can use the same emails in your campaigns.

  • Ready-Made Funnels To Boost Sales

No need to spend time creating a simple funnel that promotes sales. It often requires a lot of effort and learning since you need to analyze your visitors’ behavior in-depth to get a proper idea. By using these ready-made funnels made after proper research on customer behavior, you improve your chances of boosting your conversion rate.

  • Video Training Method For Better Understanding (4 videos)

You will receive 4 videos in this program with a focus on one video every week. This method works quite well since understanding through video modules is easier than reading and grasping the presented knowledge.

The first video focuses on complete beginners looking forward to getting started with affiliate marketing. In this video, everything is covered regarding starting your affiliate business by using CB Passive Income Elite. You can start from scratch and earn a great amount of money with time.

The second video is dedicated to the methods you can use to earn commissions through the sale of products. Monetization generally takes a lot of time if you aren’t of the right techniques to reach their quicker. By the end of this video, you will have everything you need to start making money.

There is no benefit in promoting products as an affiliate if no one visits your web pages. In the third video, you will learn about the right methods of generating traffic to your pages. This will speed up the conversion process. Also, you will get the rights ways of quickly building an email list to get in touch with your potential customers. As discussed above, you get access to more than 200 emails you can send in to seal the deal.

The last video is all about some extra tips and strategies to thrive in your online business. This will include the best tips on making money while you sleep.

  • Live Coaching Sessions

The last inclusion in this program is monitoring the progress of the campaign. Yes, the creator himself will get in touch and see your performance.

Price Of CB Passive Income Elite

As far as the price of the product is concerned, it is $497. If you are thinking about backing off after hearing the price then don’t since you have the option of making the payment in installments starting from $47 per month. Whether you prefer going with the one-time-payment or in installments, it is up to you.

People often hesitate before investing money in such programs but your money is safe because of the 30-day money-back guarantee they offer. Get started with the course, see if it’s worth it, and continue accordingly.

Pros And Cons


  • Learning from one of the top experts in the field of affiliate marketing
  • Value for the money you pay to get started with it
  • No need to spend hours creating your own content
  • Save money for hosting since they do the same for you
  • Save time and effort by not creating digital products all by yourself


  • Due to its high price, it might not be suitable for every beginner
  • The content provided is used by multiple people due to which editing it before using is of utmost importance
  • They do provide you web pages but traffic generation is your duty. As a beginner, generating traffic will be the most challenging task you will come across.

Final Thoughts – It’s Not a Scam, But I’ll Prefer Another One.

Even after its high cost and issue of duplicate content, CB Passive Income Elite is worth your time. But don’t get your hopes up since the success or failure through this program depends upon the efforts you put in.

Other than affiliate marketing, this product will guide you through other online businesses that you run as well. Get started with it as soon as possible and learn from a credible person. Most of these programs are scam and looting people for their money. But you get a chance here to make the most of it. Once you indulge in this course you get lifetime access to it.

CB Passive Income Elite

Another Affiliate Marketing Training Program – My Favorite One

CB Passive Income Elite is not a scam, but if I would rather recommend another training program which is my favorite one to my readers.

In the CB Passive Income Elite, Patric is going to teach you how to earn commissions via email marketing by using his almost Done-For-You system. However, I think you could not learn too much about affiliate marketing by such kind of DFY program.

I would rather join another comprehensive training program that teaches me step by step to build my own affiliate marketing business. I’m currently a Premium member of a well-known affiliate marketing training program called Wealthy Affiliate. This program will teach you how to start your affiliate marketing business step by step.

There are lots of successful affiliates who are making a tremendous amount of money on Wealthy Affiliate. If you would like to get more details about Wealthy Affiliate, you could click the links below to take a look at my honest review of this program.

What Is The Best Free Affiliate Marketing Training? Wealthy Affiliate!

If you have any comments about CB Passive Income Elite or Wealthy Affiliate, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you and I’ll reply to you as soon as possible.


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