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What Is Diddly Pay Pro?

In the era of the internet, the next best way to make an income is online. However, generating traffic on your product is difficult. An affiliate marketing system called Diddly Pay Pro claims that it can provide you with free traffic, email leads, and an unlimited income. What is Diddly Pay Pro? It is virtually an inclusive online affiliate marketing system. However, the presence of this “Diddly Pay Button” raises many questions. Will it truly be as effective as advertised? And the biggest question weighing on everyone’s mind: Is it a scam? As a result, I did a little research about this system and wrote this review for you.

What is Diddly Pay Pro?

Simply speaking, Diddly Pay Pro is a payment scheme for vendors to build an email list and for users to get a product for free. It helps vendors build pursuable leads. The way it works is as a payment button that is used by users to pay for a product in leads (referred potential customers). Customers can refer to a certain number of people on the sales page of the product to get a product without cash. In theory, it is a win-win situation where new vendors have the golden opportunity to build an expansive network and the customer receives a product for ‘free’.

User Interface For a Buyer – Diddly Pay Pro Marketplace

Diddly Pay ButtonDiddly Pay Pro’s main page opens to a marketplace. Here, the buyer is presented with what looks like a cashless payment for the multitude of products listed on the website. From here, when a buyer clicks on a particular product may take this buyer to the sale page of the particular product. Usually, the buyer has two options on this particular sale page. Option one is to add this product directly to the cart and then checkout. Option two is to press the “Diddly Pay Button” to get this product for free later after this buyer successfully refers to a certain number of his friends to the same product.

User Interface For a Vendor – Member Area To Generate a “Magic” Button

Here is where the interesting part starts. Before we begin ask yourself one thing: Are you new to or have relatively low experience in online marketing? Then this is exceptionally important for you. Diddly Pay Pro is a cloud-based software created by Bryan Winters and Tom E Mcting. I think this software is specially designed for vendors who have their products. The most important feature of Diddly Pay Pro is to generate a magic button called “Diddly Pay Button”.

When you go into the member area of Diddly Pay Pro, there are two basic modules called “Training” and “Products”.

The “Training” module is a video about how this software works. The “Products” module is the main area to manage your products and generate the “Diddly Pay Button”.

The most important part of this software is the “Products” module. If you don’t have your product, you could promote the Done-For-You product called “Dumb Little Cash Makers” included in this software. On the other hand, if you have your product, you could add your product to this module. In this module, you have to fill in all the information about your product such as product logo, product name, product category, price tag, the number of leads that you want to get when you offer this product for free, and the sale page of the product. After you fill in all the necessary information, you could generate the magical “Diddly Pay Button”.

Let’s take a look at a video below about how to generate the “Diddly Pay Button” from the Member Area.


How Does Diddly Pay Pro Help You To Build Your Email List?

The concept of the entire system is that a vendor uses this software to generate a “Diddly Pay Button” and put it into the sale page of his product. Therefore, there will be two buttons displayed on the sale page. One button is the ordinary checkout button, another one is the “Diddly Pay Button”. When a customer visits the sale page, he could press the ordinary checkout button and pay for the product. On the other hand, he could press the “Diddly Pay Button” and get the product for free later. To get the product for free, he has to enter his email address and refer a certain number of his friends to the same sale page within a certain period.

When his friends visit the same sale page by referral, they can also press the “Diddly Pay Button”, enter their email addresses, and refer other friends to the same sale page again. Therefore, this loop goes on and goes on which helps the vendor to build the email list. In a nutshell, vendors use “Diddly Pay Button” to offer their products for free while building their email lists in return. Let’s take a look at an example below.

1. First of all, let’s take a look at the screenshot of the marketplace of Diddly Pay Pro below. Let say a buyer visits the marketplace of Diddly Pay Pro and he is interested in the second product called “Traffic Secrets Code”, then he clicks on that product.

Diddly Pay Pro Marketplace


2. Then, this buyer is directed to the sale page of this product. As you could see in the screenshot below, it is the sale page of “Traffic Secret Code”  and there is a “Diddly Pay Button” displayed on it.

Traffic Secret Code


3. When the buyer presses the “Diddly Pay Button”, another page as shown below will be displayed. It said the buyer could get the product for free after he completes the 3 steps: Enter the email address, refer 2 people, and access the product for free. The buyer has to complete the 2 referrals within the time interval shown.

Diddly Pay Pro Example


4. After the buyer enters his email address and presses the “Continue” button, another page as shown below will be displayed. It said his free order is pending for 2 free referrals to the same offer. This buyer could press the “FREE ACCESS” button to generate a unique referral link for promoting to his friends. In the end, when this buyer successfully refers 2 friends to the same product, the buyer can get the product for free.

Diddly Pay Pro Example


By using this tactic, the vendor of this product could collect a lot of email addresses and build his email list very quickly by referrals and offering his product for free.

Meanwhile, there is a list of upsells costs between $97 and $197 in the program to enhance your income. With an upfront fee of $20, it is already turning out to be an expensive venture. Let’s be real when starting an online business, having an email list to market to is imperative or you are doomed from the beginning. As a result, schemes such as this that claim to make you $330 as newbie as tempting.

Unfortunately, more often than not, people lose money on such schemes. Despite, the hyped-up marketing (which is very effective), these programs are quite unpredictable. It takes dedication and effort, even with such a program, to start making a stable income online. With a Done-For-You product advertised so aggressively, it falls short of what it claims, with numerous red flags. This just goes to show that the team of Diddly Pay Pro is experienced online marketers.

Red Flags

Red FlagDiddly Pay Pro is advertised as having a one-off payment of $20 without a list of upsells on their marketing page. This can lead vendors to invest in this program without realizing how much money they would spend on it. Not openly mentioning upsells is our red flag number 1.

Many vendors on the Diddly Pay Pro marketplace provide misleading information on their products. This increases spam and overall causes null traffic. Without buyers in the niche, genuine vendors will soon fizzle out. And with buyers constantly coming across spam from Diddly Pay Pro, it doesn’t set the right mood.

Despite the claims of heaps of free traffic, as we mentioned before, without the target audience, it is rare to see any takers. In reality, it takes years to get to the figures shown.

List of Upsells

Diddly Pay Pro claims to provide you with fantastic traffic on your product for a payment of $20. However, they fail to mention the unbelievably expensive upsells. Here’s a list of the upsells and their prices along with what they do for the vendor. This list can help you tally the total price of the program.

  1. DFY Money Accelerator for $97 – allows 5 additional Done-For-You products for promotion and 100% commission
  2. AutoPilot Commission Booster for $97 – gives a vendor membership to allow you to get a commission on other people’s sales for if they become vendors
  3. Second Income Stream for $97 – let you integrate ShopMonopoly stores
  4. AutoPilot Traffic Rotator for $197 – products showcased on the “Featured” section of Diddly Pay Pro Marketplace
  5. $500 Pop Machine for $197 – you can make $500 to $1000 pop commissions
  6. Auto email responder for $20 a month

So, starting with the $20 fee and an auto email responder if you don’t have one. With the addition of upgrades 1 and 4 (good for beginners), you are already up to $334. Adding all these upsells will bring that to $725. As you can see, the costs begin to add up and soon you are throwing money at Diddly Pay Pro without any guarantees of making that money back.

Pros And Cons



  • Technical help in the form of email support
  • Basic software and training in the front-end package
  • Great for building an email list by offering low-ticket products
  • This program can be used for any products
  • 30-day money-back guarantee



  • Struggle for targeted traffic
  • If you keep the email list on Diddly Pay Pro, you’ll lose it if Diddly Pay Pro goes
  • Expensive upsells
  • Email support can be very limited
  • Additional upsells

Final Verdict – Suitable For Experienced Internet Marketers

Diddly Pay Pro is not a scam. For the price of $20, a product is delivered; a training and basic system. But that is all. Marketing Diddly Pay Pro as a “Pay Button” is more or less misleading as the basic package is just a training guide and a button generator. Therefore, Diddly Pay Pro is not a gold mine. It is a technique for making money but how lucrative or reliable is questionable. Vendors may also pay excessive amounts of money on upsells. Getting traffic to your sale page from the Diddly Pay Pro marketplace is also doubtful. It is difficult to get started even with a program like Diddly Pay Pro. Hence, it is not recommended to first-timers or anyone who doesn’t want to throw their cash away.

Sorry folks! No gold here. However, it’s probably for the best vendors or affiliate marketers. Diddly Pay Pro could be a hindrance to some so it is better to stick to traditional affiliate marketing methods rather than fall for ineffective schemes. If you’re the best one and want to give Diddly Pay Pro a try, you could click the button below.

Checkout Button

If you want to stick to traditional but still effective affiliate marketing methods, I suggest joining my favorite affiliate marketing program called Wealthy Affiliate. You could learn a lot of useful techniques to get traffic to the sales page and earn a commission. You could click here to take a look at my review of Wealthy Affiliate for more details.

If you have any questions or comments about Diddly Pay Pro, please don’t hesitate to share below.

Diddly Pay Pro








Website Builder



  • Basic Software And Training In The Front-End Package
  • Great For Building An Email List
  • 30-day Money-Back Guarantee


  • Struggle For Targeted Traffic
  • Expensive Upsells
  • Email Support Can Be Very Limited

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  1. I had never heard of this product. Thanks for the explanation and extensive review, Alex. I don’t think it’s for me, that’s why I love pages like yours. Because now I know 🙂

    • Hi,

      Thank you for your comment.

      It’s nice to hear that you love my site. I’ll write more reviews on other products. Stay tuned.

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  2. Well, thank you for this thorough, very easily understandable review.
    The idea of giving away a product for free in a loop of referrals looked good for a moment to me, but then I read on and realised it can similarly be done by simply offering something for a subscription, without the need for the magic button. Surely, it would be better to get three email addresses instead of one, but at least these will be yours forever.
    I instantly have an aversion to anything promising you big success for small amount, then presenting the rest you need to actually achieve that big success, for much bigger amount.
    Thank you for writing this review and putting this offer into it’s right place in my mind. Out.

    • Hello,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Yes, it is quite a creative tactic to capture emails and build the list for vendors by looping the 3 more and 3 more referrals. I didn’t think of this method before I discovered this software. On the other hand, I agree with you that we can simply offer giveaways for a subscription. Also, the list of upsells is another red flag.

      All the best,



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