What Is My Online Startup About? FREE Training About How To Make Money Online!!

Today, I’m going to take a look at an online affiliate marketing training program called My Online Startup. What is My Online Startup about? Is it a scam?

I’m currently a member of My Online Startup. Therefore, I can tell you the details of this FREE training program and my opinions about this program in this review.

Making money online has been a trending business idea in society today. This has enabled people to work in the comfort of their homes and earn a living.

In online marketing, putting the customers’ needs first is the only way to turn a dream or a passion into a real business that will make you earn money. There are several programs set up for educating online entrepreneurs such as the “My Online Startup”.

What Is My Online Startup About?

My Online Startup LogoMy Online Startup is a free affiliate marketing training program that teaches you how to start and grow an online business and how to eventually become a successful online affiliate marketer.

In the My Online Startup website, information about Chuck Nguyen has been posted.

He is the founder of this training program. His vision was to create a free education platform that will educate people on how to successfully manage an online business since he had previously experienced a lot of scamming in online business platforms.

Henceforth, the mission of My Online Startup is to be a trustworthy program.

My Online Startup is free to join and beginner-friendly. You could start your free training course immediately after creating a free account. You will learn how to build a sustainable online business from scratch.

Apart from the free training, there are live discussion forums and a private Facebook group to build a helpful community. Members of My Online Startup could connect with each other to share their views and experience.

How My Online Startup Works?

My Online Startup teaches via presentations, guides, tools, video tutorials, and easy to follow step by step walkthrough.

From this, you will learn specific skills that will provide opportunities for generating commissions by sending out carefully crafted emails that convert leads into buyers.

As you could see the screenshot of my account below, there are 8 steps in the free training course.

My Online Startup

  • Getting Started
    • This is an introductory lesson with one 21-minute video. Chuck is going to introduce My Online Startup to you. He will tell you what is the main training course and what are the other features in this training platform.
  • Step 1: The Gameplan
    • In the 36-minute video, Chuck will tell you the overall picture of the entire training course. He will tell you what you’re going to learn and build. Moreover, he will tell you how exactly to make money online after finishing this free training course.
  • Step 2: Success Mindset
    • There are 7 videos with about 3 hours of training in this step. Chuck will tell you the correct mindset of making money online. To build a successful online business as an entrepreneur, you have to have a correct entrepreneurial mindset to tackle any problems in your online business and daily life.
  • Step 3: Affiliate Marketing
    • There are 5 videos with about 1.5 hours of training in this step. You will learn the basic concept of affiliate marketing. Also, you will learn how to choose a profitable niche and products that you could promote to earn commissions.
  • Step 4: Lead Generation
    • There are 6 videos with 2 hours of training in this step. In this module, Chuck will teach you how to capture emails and create capture pages or landing pages. He will tell you the power of a quality lead magnet to lure visitors to give you their email addresses. Moreover, you will learn how to create automated follow-up emails and promote your products to your subscribers.
  • Step 5: Authority Platform
    • There are 7 videos of about 2 hours of training. An authority blog is very important in your online business. You will learn how to create an authority blog and write high-quality articles on your blog. Surprisingly, in this module, Chuck recommends joining Wealthy Affiliate which is also my favorite learning platform to get more details about how to create an authority blog.
  • Step 6: YouTube Marketing
    • There are 6 videos with about 40 minutes of training. Video is a very powerful tool to get traffic and generate revenues. In this module, Chuck will teach you how to create videos and set up your YouTube channel.
  • Step 7: Forum Marketing
    • In a 14-minute video, you will learn how to get quality traffic from a very famous forum called Warrior Forum. It is a digital marketing forum and marketplace. There are more than 1 million members nowadays and Chuck will tell you how to best use this forum to get more traffic and make more money.
  • Step 8: Targeted Solo Ads
    • There are 4 videos with about 47 minutes of training. In this module, you will learn how to get paid traffic by using solo ads. Chuck is going to introduce the Udimi Network which is a very useful platform for purchasing solo ads.

Apart from the training course, there is a Partner Program in My Online Startup. This Partner Program provides more opportunities to earn commission by simply sharing free stuff to people on your network.

To become a partner member, you have to have a ClickBank account and pay a one-time fee of $197 that guarantees lifetime access.

Once a member of the Partner Program, you will go through training video courses and start sharing your marketing materials then get paid anytime leads convert to buyers.

I think the easiest way I have seen of earning commissions is by simply sharing the free course. To reach a large mass of people, it is wise to use a blogging approach or a social marketing approach to advertise this marketing strategy to share a lot of materials faster and easier.

My Online Startup Features

Free StuffI found the following features in My Online Startup:

  1. Free Course. After you sign up for the FREE account of My Online Startup, you could start your training course immediately. It is 100% free hence no need to waste money on courses or products that simply do not work.
  2. Free Community. My Online Startup has a private Facebook group with currently more than 78,000 members. Members share their success tips in this Facebook group and Chuck will answers any challenging questions too. The support team is also fast in responding to inquiries.
  3. Free Learn-To-Earn Program. Chuck Nguyen wants people to succeed and tell the world. Therefore, everybody is all out to help each other grow to make this program more lucrative.
  4. Done-For-You Lead Generation System Set Up. The system comes with over 250 automated daily email follow-ups with integration, automation, and tracking after you join the Partner Program. This lead generation system is an advantage to any affiliates.
  5. Done-For-You Premium High Converting Blog Setup. In the Partner Program, the team at My Online Startup helps in setting up a very high converting blog, fully optimized for SEO, using the industry’s premium plugins already installed. This will help in getting free traffic to your online offers.

Pros Of My Online Startup

  • LikeYou will learn how to set a specific goal and achieve them by setting a time limit.
  • The courses and training have a positive and success mindset tutorial. This encourages people to become successful. Chuck relates to his failures and helps people to learn from his mistakes.
  • Once you become a paying partner, you receive a mentor coach that will help you achieve desirable results fast.
  • It is a 100% free course, therefore, the free account creation does not require any form of payment. After creating an account with just an email address, you could start the free training immediately.
  • Each training has an easy-to-do task that is geared towards helping you start your online business.
  • You have the opportunity to share views, ask questions, comment, and even contribute after every training video in the comment section.
  • The training materials and video tutorials are well detailed. This saves the cost you might have used to get the same information from a paid course.


Cons Of My Online Startup

  • The ordinary affiliate program will only make $20 per referral while as a member of the Partner Program, you can make $100 a day if you put enough effort into your work.
  • There are a lot of video tutorials to go through. Therefore, if you are an impatient type, it will be very difficult to achieve your goal.
  • It is not a get rich quick program. This program takes a lot of time to learn and earn. Therefore, it will only be suitable for people who can wait.

Would I Recommend This Program?

The answer is yes. I think getting access to free online marketing education is rare, hence, you should take up this opportunity.

It is a 100% beginner-friendly training program as it claimed. You could learn how to start an affiliate marketing business from scratch.

Chuck offers a lot of valuable information about affiliate marketing in his video training. The best thing is that it is free to join and you could watch all of his video training after creating a free account. I saw some similar training programs cost you about a thousand dollars with similar information.

Therefore, if you are a beginner of online business, I would recommend to try this program for free and take the course immediately. You could click here or press the button below to create your FREE account immediately.

My Online Startup Button

Moreover, in the My Online Startup website, there are screenshots of testimonials of the members, assuming they are real, supporting this program, and how it has changed their lives.

My Online Startup Testimonials

If it is true that this system generates a commission, I think it can be a good opportunity for people and therefore you should try this program.

I also think being patient and hardworking is very important in achieving success. What Chuck taught you are not a get rich overnight system. You have to put a lot of hard work, be patient, and consistent in your affiliate marketing business.

The Founder of My Online Startup Recommends Wealthy Affiliate!!

Wealthy AffiliateIn step 5 of the free course, Chuck recommends joining Wealthy Affiliate to learn how to create an authority blog.

It is my first time to see a founder of a training program would recommend another similar training platform. It indicates how good the Wealthy Affiliate is.

Wealthy Affiliate is a comprehensive affiliate marketing training platform. It is FREE to join as a Starter member. There are lots of training about how to create a blog and use a blog to start your affiliate marketing business.

Moreover, there is a very helpful community. I’m currently a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate. If I have any questions or difficulties in my affiliate marketing journey, I will raise out on Wealthy Affiliate, and then I will get a lot of replies from other Wealthy Affiliate members promptly.

In a nutshell, if you want to start your online business and create a blog, you could join the course from My Online Startup and Wealthy Affiliate as well. Both of them are free to join with a lot of comprehensive free training.

You could click the link below to take a look at my honest review of Wealthy Affiliate.

Review: Learn How To Create An Authority Blog From Wealthy Affiliate.

If you have any comments about My Online Startup or Wealthy Affiliate, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you and I’ll reply to you as soon as possible.

My Online Startup








Website Builder



  • Highly Informative
  • Step-By-Step Video Demonstration
  • Taught By A Very Successful And Experienced ClickBank Affiliate


  • Not Suitable For Impatient People

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  1. This is a very detailed review of my online startup program. I liked the way you broken it down to each step by what this program offers, the process to achieving your success, pros and cons. After reading this review on my online startup, I feel confident to go ahead and sign up. The big bonus of this is that, it’s a free starter membership. As well as the my online startup program, I also like the Wealthy Affiliate which seems to be similar platform to help to set up your online business.

    Thank you for your transparent review.

    • Hi Habib,

      Thank you for the comment.

      Right, it is nice that My Online Startup is free to join and take the training lessons. And you’re correct, My Online Startup is similar to Wealthy Affiliate. But in my opinion, I’d prefer Wealthy Affiliate since it has a more active community. In fact, the founder of My Online Startup also recommends Wealthy Affiliate to learn how to blog in his lessons.

      All the best,


  2. It will be really interesting for me to try My Online Startup. I am very inspired by your words: “In online marketing, putting the customers’ needs first is the only way to turn a dream or a passion into a real business that will make you earn money.”, I agree 100%.


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