What Is Simple WiFi Profits About?

Simple WiFi ProfitsWhat is Simple WiFi Profits About? Simple WiFi Profits is known to be a step by step online training program which provides help to interested people who are creating a business of promoting weight loss products that get driven by affiliate marketing. It’s dead simple to make money from weight loss products that the system can be used to sell. We know that affiliate marketing involves the way a company sells its products through the sign up of individuals that will market the involved company’s products while getting a commission. The people who do this are called affiliates, and they select a product that they enjoy, get to promote it, and finally, they earn a part of the profits from the made sales. Affiliate links from one website to another get tracked for the cycle of purchase to complete.

Meanwhile, there are lots of technique that affiliates have to know to become a successful affiliate. Simple Wifi Profits is a comprehensive training program that tells you all the techniques and knowledge about how to make huge money from affiliate marketing. This article is a Simple Wifi Profits review. I’ll tell you all the details about this program to see whether it is a scam or not. I hope you could make the correct purchasing decision after reading the Simple WiFi Profits review.

What Is Simple WiFi Profits About?

Simple WiFi Profits

Simple WiFi Profits is an online training program that helps one learn a brand new way of making money that gets created fast even if you are lack of technical skills and have limited experience. There is the use of a four-step system gets designed to help you create your own profitable business on the online platform. The co-founder, Chris & Andrew claim that you can earn up to $ 10,000 per month at home. The system has several features that can get used, but it doesn’t require special requirements to handle it, such as high IQ, money, etc.

The value-driven, unique, and legal online training program helps to create a legitimate self-driven business for affiliates. Everything in affiliate marketing is straight forward when it comes to making money. The industry market has gotten to improve since way back, and it can’t get compared like the initial stages where many people weren’t engaged in the use of online platforms. You can make an extra $250 within a few hours, and one of the best ways to do this is through a Simple WiFi Profits system. The platform is very friendly and intriguing to everyone that comes across its use.

How Does Simple WiFi Profits System Work?

Step By StepThe Simple WiFi Profits system, as mentioned earlier, shows how traffic can get driven uniquely, and no one in the industry has achieved doing so before. The program got sold at $20,000 previously and claimed that the students who got to use the system earned $40,000 each day when they used the system. Four necessary steps get used, and they include;

  • Step 1: Find A Big Problem
    • Involves finding a big problem which people will want to get fixed quickly.
  • Step 2: Find A Product
    • Here, a solution gets found in the form of a product, and they can get selected through your Clickbank account. The selection of a product is also involved in the training program.
  • Step 3: Share The Product
    • The products get shared among the interested parties, and you can achieve doing this through sharing via social media. Guidance is provided for the utilization of artificial intelligence techniques through Facebook to create conversations about your product. Facebook Ads are considered as the primary source of revenue that promotes one through its generation of traffic when people view and click on your post.
  • Step 4: Make Sales And Profits
    • This step is essential in the entire program, and it involves making sales through the affiliate links to gain benefits.

7 Chapters Inside Simple WiFi Profits

Affiliate MarketingIn the member area of Simple WiFi Profits, 10 modules consist of a lot of videos. 7 of the modules are the main training sessions and the other 3 are the bonuses and additional resources. After finishing the 7 main training chapters, you will probably understand the entire affiliate system from choosing a profitable product from affiliate networks, creating a converting landing page, creating a Facebook ads campaign to scaling your affiliate marketing business.

  • Chapter 1: The World Of Affiliate Marketing
    • Section 1: What is Affiliate Marketing?
    • Section 2: How ClickBank Works?
    • Section 3: Know Your ClickBank Numbers
    • Section 4: How To Get Paid?
    • Section 5: Top 3 Evergreen Niches
    • Section 6: Identifying The Best Offers
    • Section 7: Digitial vs Supplements

Chapter 1 is an introduction chapter. There are 7 main sessions in this chapter. To be honest, if you’re not an affiliate marketing newbie, I suggest you could skip the first few sections. In this chapter, you will understand the basic concept of affiliate marketing. You’ll understand how you could make money by promoting other peoples’ products.

To start your affiliate marketing business, you need to have an account of affiliate marketing networks. The co-founders of Simple WiFi Profits, Chris & Andrew, will introduce the largest affiliate marketing network called ClickBank to you. You’ll learn how to set up a ClickBank account and how to get paid from promoting ClickBank’s products. There are lots of products from various niches in the marketplace of ClickBank. Chris & Andrew will tell you the top 3 evergreen niches which are Self-Help, Make Money, and Weight Loss/Health. Although there are 3 evergreen niches, we’ll only focus on the weight loss niche in this program. You’ll learn how to identify the best offer in this niche from ClickBank.

  • Chapter 2: A Museum Of A Million Dollar Success
    • Section 1: Simple 3-Step Funnel
    • Section 2: What Makes A Good VSL?
    • Section 3: What Makes A Good Facebook Ads?
    • Section 4: What Makes A Good Lander?

In Chapter 2, you’ll learn the 3 main steps of the entire affiliate marketing system. The first step is to create Facebook ads. It is a paid promotional method to lure your targeted audience to your landing page. The second step is to create a landing page which is a promotional page to direct your targeted audience to your offer. The last step is your offer page. This page is the sale page of your promoted product. All these 3 steps will become your sales funnel.

Moreover, you’ll learn a lot of psychological techniques to make converting video sale letters (VSL), Facebook ads, and sale copies. To be honest, they are really really good sections, especially section 3 which is about how to make a good Facebook ad.

Simple WiFi Profits Button

  • Chapter 3: The Invincible Bridge To Profits
    • Section 1: Choosing The Right Hosting Service For You
    • Section 2: Landing Page Set-Up
    • Section 3: How To Add Hoplink
    • Section 4: Editing Landing Page
    • Section 5: Facebook Compliant Hoplink

In Chapter 3, you’ll learn how to create your landing page by using ClickFunnels or Hostgator. You’ll understand how to set up your landing page and put your hoplink which is your unique affiliate link into your Facebook ads and the landing page. The most important thing is that you will understand how to set up your Facebook ads which are compliant with Facebook’s policies. Otherwise, your Facebook ads will not be approved or even your Facebook account will be banned.

  • Chapter 4: Build Your Empire
    • Section 1: Facebook Business Overview
    • Section 2: Facebook Business Manager Set-up
    • Section 3: Facebook Page Set-up
    • Section 4: Pixel Set-up
    • Section 5: Advertisement Guidelines
    • Section 6: Market Research & Detailed Targeting
    • Section 7: Million Dollar Ad Swipe Files
    • Section 8: Change Your Habits – Change Your Life


In Chapter 4, it’s all about your Facebook ads. Chris and Andrew will tell you all the details about setting up your Facebook Business Manager and Facebook Page. Moreover, to get the approval of your advertisements from Facebook, you have to understand the policies of Facebook. Therefore, Chris and Andrew will tell you about this in the Advertisement Guidelines section. Furthermore, some techniques about market research and how to target your audience will be covered in this chapter.

This is the most valuable chapter. I do believe Facebook ads is the most profitable marketing method nowadays. If you could master this technique, you could make a lot of revenues. If I want to jump into paid traffic someday, I’ll definitely use Facebook ads as my marketing tool.

  • Chapter 5: The Invictus SWP Journey Begins…
    • Section 1: Launching Your First Ad
    • Section 2: Customizing Columns
    • Section 3: Bullseye Targets – Scale or Kill…?
    • Section 4: Breakdown Report
    • Section 5: Split Testing
    • Section 6: Ad Account Immunity
    • Section 7: Become An Ad Account Digger
    • Section 8: Change Your Habits – Change Your Life

In Chapter 5, you’re ready to launch your first Facebook ad. Your entire system will be set up. You have your Facebook Business Manager, your landing page, your ClickBank account, and your promoted product. All the stuff is ready, you could click the red button, start your engine, and launch your Facebook ads. Facebook ad is the entry point of your sales funnel. Once your targeted audience comes to your entry point, some of them will purchase your promoted product and you’ll get the commission.

You’ll also learn how to analyze your Facebook ad campaign and enhance your Facebook ad in this chapter. You will understand the data from the campaign report and make further adjustments. By using a split test or A/B test, you could find the best Facebook ad copy in your campaign.

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  • Chapter 6: The Secrets To Scaling To Mars
    • Section 1: Scaling Myths and Facts
    • Section 2: Double Down Principles Method
    • Section 3: The Clone Method
    • Section 4: The Lookalike Method
    • Section 5: Zero-Targeting Method
    • Section 6: $400 Ad Trick


In Chapter 6, you’ll learn how to scale your campaign. Once you have a little success in your campaign, it’s time to scale it up. In this chapter, Chris and Andrew will tell you different scaling methods for your campaign. To be honest, I’m only familiar with the lookalike method. It is a method to analyze and identify some key characteristics from your targeted audience who finally purchase your offer. Then, you’re going to target more audience with similar characteristics. For the other scaling methods, they are brand new knowledge for me.

  • Chapter 7: Super Affiliates Hacks
    • Section 1: The 1:1 Alpha Ad
    • Section 2: Luna Pic Color Variation
    • Section 3: DFY – Hiring a VA
    • Section 4: Travel The World For Free
    • Section 5: How To Create Your Own Image
    • Section 6: Blocking Out The Negativity

In Chapter 7, it’s more or less a bonus chapter. In my opinion, you don’t have to go through this chapter to start your affiliate marketing business. However, you’ll learn a lot of tricks to the best use of your campaign. You’ll learn how to hire someone for your Facebook ad campaign and create your own image for the entire system. And I think the most interesting section is how you can travel around the world by launching your Facebook ad campaign.

Pros and Cons of Simple WiFi Profits Program


  • LikeThe system is a unique and simple program that allows people to make more money through the marketing of products as an affiliate.
  • A step-by-step video demonstration of the online training program gets included; hence you can quickly grasp all the information without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Exact information gets provided by the creators about the type of products that a person will be selling and what ads are suitable for use.
  • Provides excellent customer care support on a 24-hour level, and the group coach gets to call once a month while delivering mentorship groups.
  • The instructions given are simple, and they get displayed on each page, and there are low chances of not getting access to any.
  • The program doesn’t require you to have technical skills or relevant experience.
  • A 100% money-back guarantee is offered to you.


  • DislikePeople who don’t know emails and affiliate links may quickly lose their earnings, but the training program includes such teachings.
  • It may be too expensive for someone who has a limited budget. The price tag of this program is $1,497. It is the most expensive one that I have ever seen on the market.
  • Other expenses such as Facebook ads and ClickFunnels involved. They may cost you about a few hundred dollars per month.
  • No training about organic traffic which is suitable for newbies or someone who have a limited budget. I would suggest another training platform called Wealthy Affiliate to someone who wants to get more details about organic traffic.

Conclusion – Legit & Excellent But Extremely Expensive

VerdictSimple WiFi Profits isn’t a scam. In my opinion, it is an excellent and ideal legit training program. This excellent program helps one earn through engaging in affiliate marketing. All you need is to sign up for the training program, and then after you finish the online classes, you will be good to go as an affiliate in the business while earning cash.

The world is working at a fast pace right now, and there is no time to relax. This program helps several people earn and create unique businesses apart from its purpose of selling weight loss products through affiliate marketing. It’s probably one of the most effective ways that anyone can make some good money for themselves. It doesn’t require much time put into it as long you follow all the instructions given while training, and soon you will witness the drop of money in your pocket. Get the beneficial information from this fantastic system and start outsourcing your business in the shortest time possible before you become overwhelmed. This program has gotten rated one of the best among the many affiliates using the platform from previous reviews. They have made good money, and you can get 100% money back that is guaranteed.

To be honest, this program is very very expensive which costs $1,497. It is apparently not affordable for everybody. Moreover, Chris and Andrew are going to teach you using Facebook ads with ClickFunnels to establish your affiliate marketing business, just like other similar training programs such as ClickBank University 2.0, Commission Hero, Super Affiliate System, and 1K A Day Fast Track. Therefore, they are other expenses that you have to consider.

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If you’re an affiliate marketing newbie or someone who has a limited budget, I would suggest you join a more affordable training program and focus on organic traffic. Wealthy Affiliate is my suggestion. I’m a real member of this training platform. You could learn a lot of knowledge about establishing your affiliate marketing business more affordably. Therefore, I would suggest you join Wealthy Affiliate for free as a Starter member. Meanwhile, you could take a look at my honest review of Wealthy Affiliate before joining it.

Of course, if you have enough budget, Simple WiFi Profits is an excellent program for you to learn a lot of knowledge and skills about using a paid method to make money. Just click the button below to join Simple WiFi Profits now.

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If you have any questions or comments about Simple WiFi Profits, please don’t hesitate to share below.

Simple WiFi Profits








Website Builder



  • Step-By-Step Video Demonstration
  • Excellent Customer Care Support
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee


  • Too Expensive
  • Work With Paid Ads Only
  • Not Enough Training For Free Traffic

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  1. I really didn’t know there is something like Simple WiFi Profits, your article is amazing. I also like that your article is not biased. You outlined the pros and cons and also you made mention Facebook Ads. It’s indeed true. Facebook has become another platform which can be used as a profit-making tool

    • Hi Audrey,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Simple WiFi Profits has its pros and cons. I believe it is suitable for someone who has enough budget for Facebook ads. Facebook is a very popular social media platform nowadays, a lot of marketers are already made use of Facebook ads for their businesses. If you have a budget, you should spend some money on Facebook ads and Simple WiFi Profits will teach you how to do with Facebook ads.

      All the best,


  2. Simple Wifi sounds interesting Alex,

    Seeing that they aim at giving weight loss product affiliate marketers a proper course, it’s actually kind of a niche programme as compared to the more general Affiliate Marketing Programmes. However, those steps did seem generic, similar to what the other programmes are offering too and on top of that heavy price tag, it’s something to think twice on.

    • Hi Riaz,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Yes, Simple WiFi Profits is very expensive and what it teaches you is to pay for Facebook ads for getting traffic. Therefore, I think it is only suitable for someone who has enough budget.

      The strategy of choosing the weight loss niche and working with paid traffic is quite smart. It is because weight loss is an evergreen niche and you could make money easily if you could get enough traffic.

      All the best,


  3. The simple wifi profits seems like many more affiliate programmes out there. This one seems a little bit more expensive than the rest. Otherwise, I personally feel there are alot better in terms of cost effective. If you know what you are doing in the online world and also have the budget for it, then go ahead with the simple wifi profits.

    Thank you for this thorough review.

    All the very best to you

    • Hi Habib,

      Thank you for your comment.

      This is not a bad program but it is suitable for those who have enough budget for purchasing the program, paid traffic, and sales funnel. This program is very expensive which costs $1,497. It is the most expensive one that I’ve ever seen. Therefore, I would not recommend this program for someone who has a limited budget.

      All the best,



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