What Is The Best Free Affiliate Marketing Training? Wealthy Affiliate!

Wealthy Affiliate LogoWhat is the best free affiliate marketing training on the Internet? It is the most common question raised by many affiliate marketers. Nowadays, there are so many affiliate marketing training programs online. But what criteria should we consider choosing the best affiliate marketing training? I think there are several aspects that we should consider.

– Training Courses. Does the training program provide comprehensive training about all elements of affiliate marketing?

– Website Support. Does the training program provide any support to build your website?

– Up-to-date knowledge. Does the training program update regularly and provide instant information to you?

– Research. Does the training program support any research, especially keyword research, to boost your online businesses?

– Active Community. Does the training program establish a helpful community to help each other?

Wealthy Affiliate is your only choice. Wealthy Affiliate could give you a “Yes” to the above questions. Honestly, I’m a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate. Therefore, I’m an insider and able to give you a real review of Wealthy Affiliate.

When Did I Join Wealthy Affiliate? 

I’ve already told you my little background in the “About Me” page. I tried to make money online since 2012 and joined a few training programs. They all claimed to tell me the “Secret” to be rich overnight or give me the red button to skyrocket my online businesses. Their promotional videos are so attractive for me at that time. However, the “Secret” certainly didn’t exist. I can’t make any money at all after finishing their “Training Programs”. Then, I search and search and search in order to find the “REAL” red button.

My searching process continues until 2015, I discovered Wealthy Affiliate and joined as a free Starter member. This affiliate marketing platform tells me “You can’t be rich overnight, but you can earn full passive income by work hard and persistent in the affiliate marketing journey. Apparently, that’s not what I want at that time, I wanted the “Secret”, I wanted the red button, so I just ignored this valuable platform and went through the wrong way again. Finally, I failed, gave up, went back to my daily job and did’t spend any much time on making money online. However, my dream of making money online is still existed in my mind.

In April 2020, I found Jerry Huang who really inspired me. He is a full-time affiliate marketer and make 4-Figure monthly passive income. He claimed his success is due to the detailed training in Wealthy Affiliate.

Create a FREE Account with Wealthy Affiliate Now!

Therefore, I come back to Wealthy Affiliate and upgrade as a Premium member. I give up to find the “Secret” and the red button, I start to build up my solid foundation of affiliate marketing. Comparing with 5 years ago, Wealthy Affiliate is enhanced a lot. The community grows up a lot, more and more helpful and experienced members share their experience and knowledge which is very essential for me to motivate myself in my affiliate marketing journey. Moreover, the training inside is much clear and structural which make me fully understand what is the correct concept of making money online.

If you want to make money online, no matter in which ways, there is no “Secret” or red button to make you rich overnight.

I think Wealthy Affiliate is the best affiliate marketing training platform online nowadays. The nice thing is that it is free to join as a Starter member as long as you want (I keep my free Starter account for 5 years). If you want to get more information about Wealthy Affiliate, please take a look of my genuine review below and decide by yourself.


The Most Important Element: Training Courses

The best affiliate marketing training program should certainly provide the best training courses about different aspects of affiliate marketing. After joining Wealthy Affiliate as a free Starter member, you can start your learning from the “Online Entrepreneur Certification” training or the “Affiliate Bootcamp” training immediately.

The “Online Entrepreneur Certification” Training consists of 5 phrase (50 lesson) series of courses walking you through the process of creating and growing a business within absolutely ANY niche that you want. The 5 phrase training series cover different aspects such as basic concept about affiliate marketing, website building, content creation, monetization methods and social engagement.

Online Entrepreneur Certification
Phase 1 – Online Entrepreneur Certification

On the other hand, the “Affiliate Bootcamp” Training consists of 7 Phase (70 lesson) series of courses walking you through the process of creating and establishing a business in a niche related to the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate. The 7 phrase training series cover different aspects such as the introduction of Wealthy Affiliate, keyword research, website building, content creation, website design, video creation, PPC (Pay-Per-Click) and social engagement.

Affiliate Bootcamp
Phase 1 – Affiliate Bootcamp

In each such lesson, there are lots of knowledge and information about affiliate marketing shown to you by texts, pictures and videos. For example, in the very first lesson of “Online Entrepreneur Certification”, it’s about the understanding of how to make money online. You could play the video provided to fully understand the basic concept of affiliate marketing. Also, there are pictures and texts so that you can make your concept clear very easily. There are so many such lessons in Wealthy Affiliate and they will teach you step by step to build your affiliate marketing businesses.

Besides these 2 main training programs provided by Wealthy affiliate, there are much other training created by other members in the Wealthy Affiliate community. In the Training HQ session, members in the community are willing to share their experience, knowledge and successful stories. Their training covers various topics such as WordPress, Websites, Writing Content, SEO, Ranking in Google, Creating Images, Hosting and Domains. You can choose your training according to your interests. Moreover, these training are presented by various ways such as Webinar, Course, Tutorial and Video. Therefore, you must be able to get the answers for some questions and learn some new techniques on various topics.

Training HQ
Various Topics in Training HQ Session

Website Building Support: You Can Build Your Website For Free

Even though you are a Starter member, you can build your website within Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate provides a free platform that you can build your website on it. I can’t find any training programs that provide the same feature. Other training programs will only teach you how to register a domain from Godaddy and host it on Bluehost with certain costs. However, Wealthy Affiliate is already a platform like Godaddy and Bluehost, you can register a new free domain from it and host on it directly. Moreover, you can manage your content very easily on Wealthy Affiliate by using the Site Content function.

As you can see from the picture below which is my personal Wealthy Affiliate Premium account, there are 7 sessions which are Site Manager, Site Builder, Site Domains, Site Content, Site Comments, Site Feedback and Site Support under the Websites module.

Website Session
Convenient Website Management System

Since I don’t want to make this review too long, I’ll just briefly describe this part. In the nutshell, you can create your website by using this Websites module. You can register a free domain under siterubix.com and host it on Wealthy Affiliate. Moreover, you can login to the WordPress back-end of your website from this Websites module. However, I just can’t find any place to change the login password which means you have to use the preset password to login to your website.

You can create content for your website by using Site Content function. There are already some templates for you to write your “About Me”, “Privacy Policy” and “Keyword Rich Content” pages etc. Therefore, you don’t need to be an author, you can easily write your posts or pages by using these templates. However, I don’t think it is convenient to insert images in my content under this function. This is just personal, I just like inserting images when I login to WordPress, you can still use Site Content interface to insert your images.

Comments are very important to a website. More comments, better SEO. Therefore, there is a Site Comments function provided to request comments from Wealthy Affiliate members. But on the other hand, you have to offer comments in order to earn enough credits before requesting comments from others.

Regular Webinars Provide Up-To-Date Knowledge

Affiliate marketing tactics are always changed. Therefore, there are regular webinars on Wealthy Affiliate in order to provide the latest knowledge to members. Wealthy Affiliate members can get the latest information and tactics very quickly so that they can apply to their online businesses as soon as possible. Unlike other training programs, there is usually no update after your purchase. There is a Live Events module which is usually a 1-hour webinar on every weekend. You can reserve a seat for the upcoming webinar or watch the past webinars for the topics that you are interested in.

Live Events
Webinars On Every Saturday

The Most Powerful Keywords Tool: Jaaxy

Keyword research is very critical for affiliate marketing. It is because many affiliate marketers will usually need to build a website. In order to get more traffic to the website, they need to do their best on search engine optimization (SEO). Finding the best keyword is very important to SEO. Wealthy Affiliate provides a very powerful keyword tool called Jaaxy to members so that they can find their excellent keywords. By using Jaaxy, you can analysis different keywords very easily and set up your keyword list in order to write your content and improve SEO. Better keyword research, better SEO. Better SEO, better traffic and revenue.

By using Jaaxy, you can understand how easy or how difficult to rank your particular web page to the page one of the Google Search Result according to a specific keyword. According to Wealthy Affiliate training, there are some criteria to determine the competitiveness of a specific keyword. Jaaxy also provides a lot of keyword ideas for you to find your best keywords.

It is not a picture below, you could really enter your keyword to see what Jaaxy shows you. Try it, it’s FREE!

Searching Your Favorite Affiliate Programs From Wealthy Affiliate

The nice thing of affiliate marketing is you can promote a lot of products / services on the internet. As you can see from my Wealthy Affiliate account below, there are lots of affiliate programs you can join in order to earn commissions. You can find your favorite affiliate programs according to popular categories & keywords provided by Wealthy Affiliate. Moreover,  Wealthy Affiliate provides the Trending Opportunities of different affiliate programs for your reference.

Furthermore, Wealthy Affiliate categorizes different affiliate programs according to High Commission, High Percentage and Top Rated. No matter which niche you are interested in, you are probably able to find your corresponding affiliate programs.

Affiliate Programs
Affiliate Programs You Can Join

The Most Helpful Community That I Ever Seen

There are already more than 1,400,000 Wealthy Affiliate members. Kyle and Carson are the co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate. They are very helpful and have a lot of experience in affiliate marketing. You can ask any questions on Wealthy Affiliate and a lot of experienced members are willing to help. Members of Wealthy Affiliate always share their knowledge, provide training to other members and answer questions raised on this platform. I could get help very quickly from this platform because there are really lots of helpful and experienced affiliate marketers. If you don’t believe it, just sign in for free and raise your questions on Wealthy Affiliate by using live chat, private or public messaging or help center functions.

Certainly, if you are an experienced affiliate marketer and willing to help others,  you can contribute your knowledge and experience by writing Wealthy Affiliate blog posts or creating Wealthy Affiliate training programs.

Excellent WA Affiliate Program

As I said, Wealthy Affiliate has its own affiliate program. Members can promote Wealthy Affiliate to earn their commissions. The most exciting part is the “Las Vegas Super Affiliate Conference”. If you can invite 300 people to join Wealth Affiliate as Premium members in a calendar year, you will be invited to hang out with Kyle, Carson and other super affiliate members on this all-paid private conference.

You may ask how much I can earn from the WA affiliate program? If you are a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate,  you can earn $8 for the first month and then $23.50 thereafter monthly recurring by referring one people to sign up as a Premium member in Wealthy Affiliate. Even though you are just a Starter member, you can still earn $4 for the first month and then $11.75 thereafter monthly recurring by referring one people to sign up as a Premium member in Wealthy Affiliate. According to the statistics provided by Wealthy Affiliate, the conversion rate is over 12% of people go Premium. In my opinion, it is quite converted. It is because Wealthy Affiliate really provides excellent training and support which lure people to upgrade their account. Therefore, you can join Wealthy Affiliate as a Starter member first and start earning your referral commissions. Certainly, you can click here to join as a Premium member directly to earn more commissions.

WA Affiliate Program
Earning Recurring Revenue

Successful Stories From Wealthy Affiliate Members

Now, let me introduce some Wealthy Affiliate members with successful affiliate marketing stories to you. Remember, there are just 4 of them, you can find a lot of similar stories inside Wealthy Affiliate.

The first one is Jerry Huang who is just 21 years old and inspire me to come back to Wealthy Affiliate. The second one is Grace aka LittleMama who is a mom of two girls. The third one is Kuda from Zimbabwe and the last one is Roderick aka Nathaniell who started his internet marketing in 2010. They have a successful story and a lot of experience to share in their Wealthy Affiliate blog posts. So, I think I don’t need to talk about them too much. You can just sign up to Wealthy Affiliate as a Starter member and follow these successful affiliate marketers, they will tell you their stories. Certainly, there are far more successful affiliate marketers in Wealthy Affiliate, just develop your network and E-meet those excellent people.

Jerry Huang




Conclusion – Community Support Is The Most Valuable Thing Of Wealthy Affiliate

I started the journey of affiliate marketing in 2012. However, I failed and gave up very soon due to the lack of support, motivation and the wrong concept of getting rich quickly. Luckily, I discovered and joined Wealthy Affiliate for free as a Starter member in 2015 and come back in 2020. My dream of making money online lights up again. This time, my mind of getting rich overnight is changed and I get a lot of support and motivation from the community. The community is the most valuable thing for me. Since I want to keep learning and get more support from Wealthy Affiliate, I upgraded to Premium member finally.

OK, you may say I have conflict of interest, I’m a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate and want to earn commissions from YOU. But if you really want to make money online, affiliate marketing is one of the ways. Moreover, you can just sign up as a FREE Starter member of Wealthy Affiliate and keep this status as long as you like. Try their training, connect with other successful members and then decide by yourself.

If you want to try to make money online by affiliate marketing, you can give Wealthy Affiliate a shot and sign up for free as a Starter member first. As a Starter member, you can use all the basic functions such as training courses, website building, keyword tools and the most important thing: SUPPORT from Wealthy Affiliate. There is nothing you will lose as a Starter member. If you still don’t like Wealthy Affiliate, just don’t upgrade to Premium member. It is really up to you.

Special Bonus – $19 For The First Month To Upgrade To Premium Member.

After joining Wealthy Affiliate for free as a Starter member and finding really useful, please upgrade to Premium as soon as possible. If you upgrade to Premium within 7 days, you will get the following bonus:

– $19 for the first month as a Premium member, $49 per month thereafter

– My private messages and support in your affiliate marketing journey

If you really want to make money online, please join Wealthy Affiliate for FREE !!

If you have any questions about Wealthy Affiliate or any comments about my review, please feel free to share your opinions below.

Wealthy Affiliate

FREE for Starter







Website Builder



  • Comprehensive Training
  • Very Helpful Community
  • FREE To Join


  • Not Enough Email Marketing Training
  • No Training For Vendors

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  1. Hi Alex,

    Glad to see you back to WA, I also got motivated by Jerry, so I think it’s time to show some support for your online business. I LOVE WA for many reasons, not merely the success stories from other members who made a 4-figure income per month or above.

    It’s the training, 52 week LIVE training session, 24/7 support, and the world-class friendly community. Those are something that keeps me walking to my goal, and I believe I will get there one day with hard works, patience, and persistence.

    Anyway, I do recommend WA to anyone who likes to build an online business as you do in this review. Great work!


    • Thank you for your comment, Matt.
      You’re right. WA provides excellent training, support and community. Anyone who want to make money online have to take a look of WA.
      Anyway, let’s cheer each other up, Matt. I believe success is waiting for us.


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