What Is The Commission Hero About?

Do you want to join an affiliate marketing training program that is created by the top one ClickBank affiliate? Recently, I found an affiliate marketing training program called Commission Hero which is created by Robby Blanchard who is the top one ClickBank affiliate in the world. He makes a massive amount of commissions by promoting ClickBank’s products. Although Commission Hero is created by such an internet guru, is it suitable for you? And what is the Commission Hero about? Is it a scam? Is it suitable for beginners or experienced affiliate marketers? In this review, I’ll give you more details about Robby Blanchard and his product, Commission Hero.

Who Is Robby Blanchard? Top One ClickBank Affiliate

Robby Blanchard is recognized by ClickBank as its top one affiliate in the world. He made thousands and thousands of dollars by promoting ClickBank’s products. He is so amazing in the affiliate marketing industry and that’s why I’m so curious to do a little research about this guy. First of all, let’s take a look at his promotional video below and you could also join his free training by clicking the link below.

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Robby Blanchard was the founder of a CrossFit gym before he started his affiliate marketing journey. His CrossFit gym did not go so well at first. So, he started to promote his gym by Facebook ads and got a great success. After he recognized the possibility of using Facebook ads for promotion, he started to use Facebook ads on his online businesses. He started using Facebook ads to promote his products and ClickBank’s products. Therefore, he had a lot of experience of using Facebook ads as a marketing technique to promote various products and that’s why he finally became the top one affiliate marketer of ClickBank.

What Is The Commission Hero About?

I think you are now able to guess what you will learn from a Facebook ads expert. Yes, you’re right. His training program, Commission Hero, is a comprehensive training program that is about how to use Facebook ads to promote ClickBank’s products. Moreover, he claims you could generate about $1000 per day after completing the entire course.

The entire program is taught by Barry Blanchard and consists of a lot of teaching videos. As you could see from the picture below, there are many training modules inside Commission Hero.

Commission Hero Dashboard
Credit: gighustlers.com

Getting Started

Choosing The Right Offers

  • About how to find profitable offers from various affiliate networks such as ClickBank, MaxWeb, and A4D

Finding Your Ad Image

  • About the image on your ads and how to find the right designer on Fiverr.

Setting Up A Landing Page

  • About how to create your landing page. You will learn how to register for ClickFunnels and how to set up your affiliate links, domain, and PHP landing page.

Setting Up Facebook

  • About how to set up your Facebook business manager, fan page, and Facebook ads campaign. Also, you will learn how to create your custom audience

Setting Up Facebook Pixel

  • About the installation of the Facebook pixel, putting your Facebook pixel in your ClickBank account and the understanding of your pixel analytics

Tracking Your Campaign

  • About how to track your Facebook Ads campaign by using a tracking spreadsheet and installing tracking links


  • About how to scale your Facebook ads campaigns

Moreover, there are some special tactics and bonuses offered in this training program. Furthermore, a Facebook group is available for those who enrolled in the Commission Hero training program.

3 Simple Steps To Start Generating $1000 Per Day

Step By Step

I could simplify the entire process of making money online from this program into 3 simple steps. The most important thing is that the entire process is proven by a very successful affiliate marketer, Robby Blanchard, who is the top one affiliate marketer of ClickBank in the world.

Step 1) Find The Most Profitable Product On Clickbank

Nowadays, ClickBank is the largest affiliate network in the world. There are so many products that affiliates can promote from the marketplace of ClickBank. So, which product should we choose to promote? Since Robby uses a paid method which is Facebook Ads to promote ClickBank products, we have to find a profitable product that offers a 50%-75% commission to overcome the expenses. If there are upsells in the product, it is much better to boost your earnings. Inside the Commission Hero, Robby will tell you how to find the most profitable product from the marketplace of ClickBank. As a result, you could maximize your commission earning from ClickBank.

Step 2) Set Up Facebook Ads

Why Robby can run Facebook advertising so successful? I think it’s all about A/B Split Testing. So, what is A/B Split Testing? Let’s take the Facebook ads campaign as an example. If you want to take an A/B split testing, you will run two Facebook ads campaigns against each other. You will compare the results from these two campaigns after some time. Then, you will find the winner. To get the best result, you will create another Facebook ad campaign to challenge the winner. This process will go on and go on until you generate enough commission income.

You need a significant budget to run a Facebook ads campaign. Although Robby will tell you all the important elements in your Facebook ads campaign, a winning Facebook ads campaign cannot be copied. You are required to run your Facebook ads by trial and error to find the best ads. Therefore, you have to consider your budget seriously to perform your Facebook ads campaign.

Step 3) Curiosity Could Push People To Buy Your Offer

In step 2 above, Robby is already taught you how to create Facebook ads. The targeted audience will click on your Facebook ads due to their curiosities. When they click on the ads, they will be directed to your landing page. Robby will teach you how to use ClickFunnels to create a very convertible landing page. Your Facebook ads will sell nothing. They just used to create curiosity about people. Meanwhile, your landing page is responsible to sell. Robby will tell you how to use a landing page to continue the curiosity of people. For example, Robby said that you could make a simple quiz on your landing page so that people will take the quiz and then get them into your offer.

Remember, it is a psychological method used by Robby. He utilizes the curiosity of people starting from his Facebook ads, landing page to his offer. He makes his targeted audience want to find out more and more through his entire marketing process. That’s why his affiliate marketing campaign is so convertible and he can make so many commissions.

Click Here To Join The Free Training From The Number ONE ClickBank Affiliate !!

Costly Price And Other Expenses

Costly PriceThe price of Commission Hero is either a one-time payment of $997 or two payments of $597. I think this price is quite expensive compared to similar training programs. But there is no upsell inside the program. You can get the entire program by this amount of money. Apart from that, you have to pay for Facebook ads. It can be another costly expense which is about a few hundred dollars per month. Moreover, you have to join ClickFunnels to create your landing page. And the price of a Standard member of ClickFunnels is $97 per month. Furthermore, if you hire someone on Fiverr for design or copywriting, you have to pay at least $5. In the nutshell, the cost of the entire marketing campaign is not cheap. If you do not have enough budget, Commission Hero is not suitable for you.

Usually, many training programs or affiliate marketing systems have a 30-day or 60-day money-back guarantee. However, Robby only provides 12 months of the money-back guarantee. After you finish the entire training course and work on Facebook ads for 12 months, you could ask for a refund if there is no satisfactory result. Therefore, even though you ask for a refund after 12 months, you’ve already spent at least a few hundred dollars on Facebook ads. I understand that the objective of Robby to provide 12 months refund policy is to motivate customers to work on their campaigns. But you know the result is not guaranteed.

Pros & Cons


  • Taught by a very successful and experienced ClickBank affiliate
  • Proven success system
  • No upsell
  • Understanding of Facebook ads and sales funnel


  • Expensive due to the cost of the entire program, Facebook ads, ClickFunnels and Fiverr
  • No training on free traffic and email marketing
  • 12 months money-back guarantee

Conclusion – Excellent Program For Affiliates Who Have Budget Only

In this review, I’ve already told you what is the Commission Hero about? In the nutshell, learning from an excellent affiliate marketer is wonderful. Robby will tell you his entire proven success system step by step. I do believe you could learn a lot of knowledge about Facebook ads and sales funnels from Commission Hero. Facebook ads could be a very effective marketing method to get your targeted audience. However, you have to pay for the advertising cost. In addition to the cost of joining Commission Hero and ClickFunnels, if you do not have enough budget, I think this program is not suitable for you. This program is only suitable for someone who has a significant budget. Therefore, please focus on organic traffic such as SEO if you do not have enough money. If you want to get more details about organic traffic, you could click here to take a look at my review about Wealthy Affiliate which is my favorite training platform about organic traffic.

If you have any questions or comments about Commission Hero, please don’t hesitate to share below.

Commission Hero

$997 For One-Time Payment







Website Builder



  • Taught By A Very Successful And Experienced ClickBank Affiliate
  • Proven Success System
  • No Upsell
  • Understanding Of Facebook Ads And Sales Funnel


  • Relatively Expensive
  • No Training On Free Traffic And Email Marketing
  • 12 Months Money Back Guarantee

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  1. Commmission hero seems to be an exciting program to make good money (even up 1000 dollars a day!) The creator of this program has an experienced background in this field, which give authority to the program as well as it’s got money back guarantee. The only downside for me is the price. It’s double than what I am already paying in another programme.

    However the commission hero has good reviews of 9.6 which is quite promising. I would definitely go for this program.

    Thank you for the share.

    • Hi Habib,

      Thank you for the comment.

      Yes, Commission Hero is created by an awesome affiliate marketer, Robby Blanchard who is the top one affiliate on ClickBank. I totally agree that the price is quite expensive and I think it may not suitable for newbies or someone who has a limited budget. But I’ll still recommend this program to someone who has enough budget and would like to learn from a very successful affiliate marketer.

      All the best,


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