Email MarketingThe money is in the list, do you heard about this golden rule? No? Then you may ask what is The Money Is In The List? What is the “List”? Actually, in the world of internet marketing, a list refers to an email list. A list of email addresses that you collected from your visitors on your website. So, why the money is in there? It is because when you have a list, you could keep in contact with your visitors by email, build a relationship with them, and promote products to them by email. However, if you do not capture their email addresses, they will visit your website once and go away. Then, you do not have another chance to promote your products to them.

Moreover, when you have your list, it is a very good opportunity to build relationships and trust with them. They are your targeted audience. They are interested in your website so that they are willing to leave their emails to you. Otherwise, they will just go away from your website and don’t leave any contact. Therefore, you could use their emails to keep in contact with them and build trust with them gradually. When your list is mature enough and your targeted audience trust you, you could successfully sell your products more easily.

This promotional strategy is called email marketing. There are 3 major steps in this marketing technique which are email collection, trust-building, and promotion. I will tell you more details about the basic concept of email marketing in the following paragraphs. Moreover, I will talk about the tools that you need, the methods to get traffic to your squeeze page or sign up form, the technique of sending emails, and some training programs that I recommend.

3 Simple Steps: Capture Email, Build Trust & Promote

3 StepsMany internet marketers like using email marketing as their main promotional strategy. It is because email marketing is a very simple but very powerful marketing strategy. There are just 3 main steps for an email marketing campaign but the result could be extremely significant. I remembered that some email marketing gurus said when you have a very converted email list, it is just like an ATM. Therefore, I believe that no matter what products or services that you are promoting, building your email list is an essential part of your online business. So, what are the 3 steps to start your email marketing campaign? Let me explain to you below.

Step 1: Create Squeeze Page / Sign Up Form To Capture Emails

The first step is to collect email addresses. To start your email marketing campaign, you certainly need to collect email addresses from your visitors on your website. You need to provide a place to let your visitors enter their email addresses. You could create a squeeze page which is a specific web page to let your visitors enter their email addresses. This squeeze page has only one purpose which is to capture email addresses. Let’s take my website as an example, you could click here to go to my squeeze page to enter your name and email address. After your verification, I will get your email address and you could get my giveaway which is an ebook called “7 Steps To Turn Your Passion Into An Online Business” in return.

Another method to capture email addresses is to insert a signup form into your website. Let’s take my website as an example again. As you can see on this website, there is a signup form on the right-hand side of this page. You could enter your name and email address in the boxes provided and then I will successfully capture your email address after your verification. And you could also get my giveaway in return.

Step 2: Create A Series of Email To Build A Good Relationship With Your List

The second step is to build trust with your email list. You have to love your list because it will be your ATM. So, how to build trust or relationship with your list? Of course, by using emails. You should send emails occasionally to your list with very useful information that you think your list will be interested in. For example, after giving me your email address on the right-hand side of this page, you will certainly get your ebook immediately. I do believe that the reason that you give me your email is you are interested in online business. Therefore, apart from the ebook giveaway, I will occasionally send you emails with useful information on the online business to build a good relationship with you. Now, you may have a question. Do I need to write thousands of emails to everyone on my list? The answer is “NO”. Fortunately, there is a tool called email autoresponder that you could send emails to everyone on your list automatically. You just need to create a series of emails once, then you could set to send them out automatically in a certain time interval.

Step 3: Start To Promote Your Products / Services

The third step is to promote your products by email. Although the main concept of email marketing is to use emails to promote your products, it is a very poor practice to promote your products in every email that you send out. Remember, always give, give, and give your free, free, and free information or materials to your list before promoting your products. It is because a good relationship with your list is the basic foundation of a successful promotion. According to the training from Wealthy Affiliate, it typically takes a person 7 times, this could be website visits, email newsletter, etc. before they make a purchase online. Therefore, I may send 7 emails with just useful information to my list before I send my first promotional email with purchasing links.

Start Your Promotional Campaign Easily By Email AutorespondersAWeber

The nice thing about email marketing is that the entire email marketing campaign can be automatic and the result can be very significant. According to statistics, 59% of internet marketers said email is the biggest source of ROI in their online businesses. You don’t need to write thousands of emails to everyone on your list. You could just create your emails once and then they will be sent to your list automatically by a tool called an autoresponder.

By using email autoresponder, you could create a squeeze page or a signup form, prepare a series of emails, and set to send out these pre-written emails to your list by certain time intervals automatically. For example, after I created a signup form and put it on my website, I will start to write a series of emails before anyone gives me their email addresses. After I prepared these emails, I may set to send each pre-written email on every weekend. Therefore, once you finish the entire set up, you could sit back and wait for the money from your list.

Nowadays, there are many email autoresponders in the market. Some of them are free of charge but some others are paid. I use Aweber as my autoresponder which is not a free tool. But if you have a limited budget, I suggest you can try the following free email autoresponders which are also well-received.

  1. SendPulse
  2. MailerLite
  3. Benchmark (Highly Recommended)
  4. Mailchimp (Free Plan)
  5. Drip
  6. SendInBlue
  7. Omnisend (Free Plan)

On the other hand, if you would like to spend some money on email marketing, you could use the following paid email autoresponders which are more reliable and user-friendly.

  1. HubSpot
  2. GetResponse (Highly Recommended)
  3. Aweber (Highly Recommended)
  4. Klaviyo (Highly Recommended)
  5. Mailchimp (Paid Plan)
  6. ConvertKit
  7. Autopilot
  8. Constant Contact
  9. Omnisend (Paid Plan)

No matter what email autoresponders you will use, most of them will usually help you to create your sign up form or squeeze page. There are lots of beautiful templates that you can use to create them. Moreover, you could easily manage your lists and send out your emails automatically by using these autoresponders. Furthermore, you could get the data and detailed analysis from these autoresponders. They can show you the delivery rate, open rate, click-to-deliver rate, conversion rate, and subscriber retention rate, etc. so that you could manage your email campaign and adjust your strategy.

Getting Traffic And Offering Incentive To Collect Email Addresses

Website TrafficAs I said above, you could create a squeeze page which is a landing page designed specifically to capture email addresses only. The advantage of a squeeze page is that visitors will not be distracted by other things. It is because there is only one thing they can do on the squeeze page which is to enter their email addresses. However, the disadvantage of a squeeze page is that it cannot be beneficial by SEO. It is because a squeeze page does not have too much content on it. Therefore, you have to think about other methods such as social media, PPC, or webinars to get traffic to your squeeze page.

Alternatively, you could insert a signup form into your website to collect email addresses, just like what you see on the right-hand side of this page. If you have a blog, it is a good opportunity to insert a signup form into your blog. You could work on SEO or other methods to get traffic to your website so that visitors may enter their email addresses in your sign up form.

No matter which method you use, getting traffic to the squeeze page or website is very important. Otherwise, you can’t collect any email addresses. Meanwhile, to increase the probability of visitors to enter their email addresses, an incentive should be offered to visitors.

Usually, when someone enters their email addresses, they would like to get something in return. Therefore, offering a giveaway is a common incentive to collect email addresses. So, what kind of giveaway you can offer? It can be an ebook, newsletter, private information, video course, membership or product/service trail, etc. Let’s take this page as an example, you could get my free ebook after you give me your email address. In the nutshell, after creating a squeeze page or sign up form, try your best to get traffic to them and offer a giveaway to exchange your visitors’ emails.

Click The SEND Button But Don’t Sell

Send EmailWhen you successfully collect your first email address, you could start to send out your pre-written emails by autoresponder. Your email autoresponder will help you to send out emails to your list according to your setting. But what should you write in your emails? Bear in mind that you have to build trust and relationship with your list before promoting your products. Therefore, don’t always sell, sell, and sell in your emails, especially in the first couple of emails. Otherwise, it will encourage your subscribers to unsubscribe from your list.

On the other hand, the best practice is to give, give, and give out useful information or materials to your list. The purpose of doing this is to build a good relationship with your list until your list trusts you and believes you have a certain authority in a certain area.

When your list is “mature” enough, you could try to promote your products. Since you’re already built trust with your list, your list is much willing to purchase the products that you promoted. Think about this, when you want to buy something, will you buy from a total stranger or buy from a person who you know for a certain period?

Do You Want Some Training On Email Marketing?

Chris Farrell – “10 Minutes To Success”

10 Minutes To Success

I remembered that the first training program that taught me email marketing is called “Chris Farrell Membership” created by an email marketing guru called Chris Farrell. Unfortunately, this program is no longer available. You cannot find this program anymore. However, Chris Farrell created another similar training program called “10 Minutes To Success”. It consists of 32 training videos with less than 10 minutes each. This program will probably teach you how to set up your email marketing campaign and earn passive income from your list. Since I didn’t purchase this program, I can’t provide a detailed review for you. However, I think it is probably similar to the “Chris Farrell Membership” program. You will learn how to choose your profitable niche, use Aweber to create your squeeze page, drive traffic to your squeeze page, prepare your email series, and promote relevant products in the “10 Minutes To Success” Program.

Wealthy Affiliate – Email Marketing Classroom

WA Email Marketing
As you may know that I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate which is a comprehensive affiliate marketing training platform. There are lots of classrooms which teach you different internet marketing techniques in this platform. Although email marketing does not cover in their core training programs, you could still find out a lot of information about email marketing provided by the co-founders and members of Wealthy Affiliate. In the nutshell, their concept of email marketing is almost the same as Chris Farrell. The concept is to find your niche, build a list, send emails, and promote your products. Apart from email marketing, you could learn much more techniques about affiliate marketing and making money online. Therefore, if you want to get more details about Wealthy Affiliate, please click here to take a look at my review.

Conclusion – Start To Build Your List (ATM !!)

Always remember that what is the “Money Is In The List”. This is always the golden rule for internet marketing. This marketing technique still works for so many years. If you don’t start to build your list at the very beginning of your internet marketing journey, you will lose a lot of chances to make huge money. Therefore, please sign up for any autoresponders and start your email marketing campaign.

The nice thing is that it is very easy to start your email marketing campaign. Follow 3 simple steps which are:

  1. Capture Email by creating a squeeze page or a signup form.
  2. Build Trust by sending a series of emails.
  3. Promote Products when your list is “mature” enough.

In the nutshell, try your best to collect email addresses as many as you can. Then, remember to provide valuable information or materials to your list to build trust with your targeted audience. Finally, your list will become your ATM and you can make huge money.

If you have any questions or comments about email marketing, please don’t hesitate to share it with me below.


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