What Is Tube Ads Academy? Making Money Through YouTube Ads!

I was first introduced to Jon Penberthy when I registered for his free, 2-hour long appetizer-of-a-course that introduced me to the Tube Ads Academy. What is Tube Ads Academy? It is a more rigorous program for helping beginners direct traffic to their landing pages by taking advantage of YouTube.

I have to say that the initial 2-hour course whetted my appetite for discovering new ways to harness the power of YouTube.

The intro course was a feigned live course, with Penberthy pretending at intervals to read out comments that had been submitted in “real-time” and stating that he would later tailor the introduction to fit viewers’ descriptions of their fledgling businesses.

Also, the photos of Penberthy with clients strewn throughout the presentation seemed staged. His style was flashy.

Jon Penberthy
Jon Penberthy

Naturally, after noticing all this, I was concerned about what this type of deception meant for the paid Tube Ads Academy course, a much more significant investment of time and money.

As the hours proceeded, however, I dismissed the cheesiness as theatrics, part of the highly-energetic brand that the host worked hard to project. I suppose if he chose to convey his passion for the topic through a bit of acting, no one can fault him for that, for the resulting enthusiasm was contagious.

I eagerly anticipated him flipping the slides; it seemed that there was a new secret to be revealed at each gesture of his hand. (Who knew about the magical “Target CPA” function of YouTube ads?!) The statistics he presented on the potential of YouTube advertising were also attention-grabbing, and my trust in him was renewed as I fact-checked him.

It turns out YouTube actually does have at least 1.8 billion active users EVERY day!

Well, Jon Penberthy, goal accomplished: by the end of the course, I was left with the impression that he was still withholding some good information and that customized instruction about social media marketing would be beneficial to my business.

This is exactly what Tube Ads Academy seemed to boast.

What Is Tube Ads Academy?

Tube Ads Academy

The program, in a word, is thorough. It is another installment of social media mogul Jon Penberthy and company for helping aspiring entrepreneurs who are not well-acquainted with video advertising, especially on a large platform like YouTube.

The course contains content that has the ultimate goal of helping students to craft a durable campaign that can reliably crank out customers for them.

This means figuring out what YouTube channels are related to your content, what keywords bring up these channels, and what kinds of videos are good at converting the viewers you will inevitably get into customers — not so inevitable.

In the end, you’re supposed to have been empowered with the knowledge you need to gain more financial freedom once you master the powerful traffic generation potential of YouTube ads.

This means you could make money while you sleep, or, as Penberthy puts it, make money while you’re opening presents over the holidays.

How Does Tube Ads Academy Work?

Tube Ads AcademyFor $995, quite a vast world of tools is opened up to the customer.

I suppose you start with the 7 main modules for learning about YouTube ads.

  • Module 1: Set Up For Success

This module is the beginning with the absolute basics of how to navigate the process of putting your ads on YouTube and paying for it all in

  • Module 2: The Perfect Landing Page

This module consists of making sure that your website content is worth staying for once viewers have been directed to your page.

  • Module 3: Creating A Winning Video Ad

This module is all about filming an expert video that matches hypes up and matches the message of your website. You need to find the balance between blowing people away so they visit you and speaking within your ability to deliver.

  • Module 4: Finding Your Dream Customers

After Module 3, you move onto experimenting with how to pinpoint the ideal customer, someone who is likely to convert or share your content, through YouTube Ads’ ability to segment in Module 4.

  • Module 5: The Big Day

The Big DayYou build on this momentum in Module 5 and begin to actually craft a robust social media marketing campaign special to YouTube.

  • Module 6: Evaluate and Elevate

Module 6 is great for the number and data lovers; you review the comprehensive analytics available to you for each trial of campaign strategy and continue with a plan that works.

  • Module 7: Scaling Secrets

The in-between modules are presented for the general audience rather than for your specific business, but they are still useful in giving you direction on how to find a strategy that brings you customers again and again — Module 7.

There are bonus resources that are thrown into the mix that approach customer acquisition and conversion online from different angles. These are also in the form of videos.

Video advertising expert Tom Breeze’s content even makes it into your package.

You also have avenues for personalized support while you work your way through the modules in the form of a private Facebook group and the opportunity to call Penberthy’s team for one-on-one advice.

What Is To Love?

LikeFrom the outset, I knew I would love the individualized nature of the course.

Access to the private Facebook group was the greatest draw for me, actually. Any inquiries about your specific situation receive diligent responses. Having been a part of a FB group before, I also knew how valuable access to a community of mutual learning can be.

Individuals who share your entrepreneurial spirit ask questions you’ve always wanted to be answered before you even formulate them, and in a few more days, you find that those Q&A threads apply to what you are doing, even in a completely different industry.

In addition, the live coaching calls were stress-relieving and worth the money; they enable you to gain focus and clarity by reaching out using one of the calls when you are staring at the array of advertising options on YouTube, unsure of what is best for your company.

Module 6, which was “Evaluate and Elevate,” was the most rewarding step. It was representative of the individual attention students in the Academy get, and that makes all the difference when trying to minimize the costs of advertising while maximizing the results.

A pleasant surprise that came from the course was the solution it had for people like me: I am resolutely unwilling to supply the very high activation energy required to film me and include my face in a video, even though I know that such a video is usually more compelling.

Usually more compelling, but not always. The experts at the Tube Ads Academy have an alternative. Their video template format (included in the package) accommodates the camera-shy among us by providing examples of how to select text and professional photos can be optimally combined to achieve the same captivating effect on YouTube users.

What I Wish Had Been Better?

DislikeAfter generating leads and clicks to reflect an interest in my ads, I faced the obstacle of converting mere clicks into sales. I felt the content available in the course was insufficient when it came to taking my marketing to the next level.

There was not enough distinction between the types of “leads” that YouTube ads can generate since “leads” could signify either superficial exploration of my website or actual customer acquisition.

I guess I could have better leveraged the coaching calls available to me to ask for specifics, but I wish the most direct path to making money from the techniques shown had been outlined explicitly in the content.

Who Could Benefit From The Tube Ads Academy?

Those who are serious about finding a cost-efficient method of social media marketing among the vast array available to entrepreneurs today (ranging from Facebook, Instagram, to Spotify, TikTok, and of course, YouTube) will likely get favorable results and will therefore appreciate the content and services offered through Tube Ads Academy.

Especially if they begin with a small budget, they will likely be pleased with the return on their investment that allows them to funnel money back into marketing.

The caveat is that the individual going through the course cannot just be going through the motions of it. Penberthy and his team may be revealing the best practices they’ve developed through firsthand research, but active learning is required to reap any real benefits.

YoutubeNo tricks or insights about the YouTube algorithm can replace the genuine content an entrepreneur can offer. The point of taking advantage of YouTube’s gigantic platform is to segment viewership of existing channels and to expose your content to well-matched viewers at opportune moments, all while doing minimal legwork for this exposure. The Tube Ads Academy can teach you how to do this.

However, once YouTube has delivered curious viewers to your channel or website, you must ensure that the content you’ve presented at the destination is worth staying for.

I agree with Penberthy’s claim that his class is useful to people of almost any industry —finance, education, personal fitness, nutrition, real estate, and more.

The defining features of someone who should use this program are rather someone who has found other forms of social media marketing ineffective and who is desperately wanting for a base in the early stages of his/her company.

Finally, the user must be a real entrepreneur: not someone looking to get rich fast but someone eager to solve real problems through the mechanism of business and who is consequently already knowledgeable about the target audience of the company.

Like any type of education, lessons about social media marketing can only be fruitful if the student takes initiative.

Final Thoughts: I Have A Better Way To Make Money Online

Final ThoughtsI think you could make an informed decision after reading my honest review about Tube Ads Academy.

It is a very good training program for those who want to get more traffic to their websites or make some money through YouTube Ads.

However, I think the only drawback of this program is the price which is $995 in a one-time payment. I do think it is very expensive. Therefore, it is not suitable for those who have a limited budget.

On the other hand, if you have enough budget and eager to start your YouTube ads campaign immediately, you could click the button below to reserve your spot of Jon Penberthy’s FREE online workshop before subscribing to the program.

Tube Ads Academy Button

If you are an internet marketing newbie or someone who has a limited budget, there is a more affordable way to make money online.

This way is also my favorite way which is called affiliate marketing. The basic concept of affiliate marketing is to promote other people’s products to earn commissions.

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If you want to get more details about how to start a more affordable affiliate marketing business, you could click the link below to take a look at my review of the best affiliate marketing training program.

Honest Review: The Best Free Affiliate Marketing Training Program.

If you have any comments about the Tube Ads Academy, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you and I’ll reply to you as soon as possible.


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